5 Obstacles to Success – Part 2

21 12 2010

Last week we introduced the concept of 5 Obstacles to Success.  We discussed the first two self-imposed obstacles to your business success – Fear and Cynicism.  This week we are continuing the discussion to help eliminate 2 more Obstacles to your business success.

The third obstacle to your business success is Laziness.  How many people do you know talk about all the things they want to do, but ultimately do nothing?  We are all busy, we are all doing many things in the day and we are all trying to balance work and family.  The key here is to find out if you are busy for busy’s sake.  There are times where you may find that in order to avoid a particularly onerous task; you will find a different task to do first.  You may find all kinds of tasks that suddenly need doing just so that you can continue to put off the initial task at hand.  This is a form of laziness.  You are avoiding doing what you know has to be done by finding something else to do.  You are trying to convince yourself that since you are so “busy” you cannot have time to tackle that one very important task.  One way to overcome this version of laziness is to focus on what you really want to achieve.  Identify the things you expect to achieve once you complete the task you really don’t want to do.  If you can focus on the things you really want to achieve, and to believe in your heart and soul that these are the things you truly want, you will find a way to complete the tasks that need to be done.  Granted you may not like the tasks, but the fact of the matter is that it is most likely that the task at hand appears more difficult than it actually is.  You will most likely discover that after you have completed the task you were putting off, it wasn’t nearly as bad as you thought it would be.  Identify why you might be afraid to start on the task.  Is it a fear of failing that is causing you to avoid the particular task at hand?  Or is it just a task that you THINK you are not going to like doing because you may not fully understand why you are doing what you are doing?  Once you identify some of these issues, you may find that tackling the looming task may not be nearly as difficult or uncomfortable as first imagined.

The next obstacle to success is Arrogance.  Many people think they know everything about what they are doing and choose not to bother to learn anything else.  Why should they continue learning when they know everything already?  There is always room for improvement, and as we have all seen, technology continues to grow and develop.  Just because you may have been an expert in your field yesterday does not mean you will be an expert in your field tomorrow.  New ideas arise daily, technology improves, new combinations of old ideas can also come together and improve your business also.  You should never be so arrogant to believe that there is no need to continue learning.  The more you learn, the more you are able to look at situations from different perspectives.  The phrase “there is more than one way to skin a cat” is appropriate.  What may have worked well for you in the past may no longer work well for you now.  By continuing your mental education (it does not need to be a “formal” education, attending seminars on various subjects is a great learning platform) you will continue to train your mind to always be on the lookout for new ideas.  You will be able to embrace and utilize any changes that are reasonable for your business.

Next week we will cover the fifth obstacle to success.

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5 Obstacles to Success

15 12 2010

This week is the first in a three-part series where we review 5 Obstacles to Success in growing your business.  As you are most likely aware, there are many obstacles to be overcome while growing your own home based or small business.  Many are not of your doing, but there are some that you may personally be responsible for.  We are going to review 5 obstacles that you may have personally introduced to your business.

The first obstacle that we all have to overcome is that of Fear.  When you are considering starting your own business, the biggest fear you may have is that of losing the money that you invested.  Nobody likes losing money, and it is a very legitimate fear.  The key to being successful in business is learning to manage that fear.  You do not really want to lose your fear, just learn to control your fear and to mitigate your losses.  Being afraid to lose your money is a reasonable fear, but you can’t be afraid to take chances.  If we were afraid to take chances, we would probably all still be living in caves.

The next obstacle to your personal business success is Cynicism.  If you start believing all the “nay sayers” about how they knew someone who knew someone who failed in a startup home business, you will never succeed.  The people that are always telling you that your ideas won’t work for a myriad of excuses are the truly frightened people.  They don’t want to see you try because you just might succeed. These so called friends will provide you every reason under the sun for why your idea won’t work.  When in doubt about what to do, the only people you should take advice from would be experts in the particular field that you are in.  You do not buy a house from a car salesman, nor would you got to the local auto mechanic when you need to have a medical procedure done.  All other people who do not have specific expertise or experience may not help you and they may even cause you more problems in the long run.

It is important to do your research, and to ask a lot of questions.  It is also OK to talk to people who tell you your idea may not work.  The difference is how you handle the information you receive.  If you are able to learn from the mistakes of others, or even learn from your past mistakes in order to improve your business success, then that is a good thing.  You need to learn to identify what you really want and then be able to stick to that list of things you absolutely want.  How many people do you know that will give you every excuse in the book for why things didn’t work for their business?  How many of those people took that failure as a reason to build a new business with a modified business plan?  Did they learn from the mistakes they first made?  Were they willing to try again, using a different angle of attack?  There are many experts in many fields.  Learn from them, they too most likely made many mistakes before becoming successful.  Find out how they kept on and do what you can to be successful too.

Next week we will continue this series with two more obstacles of the 5 Obstacles to Success.

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3 Tips for more business success

7 12 2010

This week we are going to discuss 3 tips for more business success.   In order to stay in business, you need to strive to make your business continuously successful.  This quote from Jim Rohn sums up business success nicely:

“Success is neither magical or mysterious.  Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying basic fundamentals.”

One key to success

All people in business are sales people.  Whether or not we have a tangible item to sell, we are all selling something in order to gain something (money…usually..).   The key is to be able to “sell” to your customer base without them feeling that you are selling them anything.  Since people can’t really control their feelings, it is important that you are able to get them to feel like they NEED your products or services.  The key to helping your customers feel like they need your products is to provide them service and information that your competitors do not offer.

To build a good rapport with your customers online, it is beneficial to provide a good story about your products.  Do not just list the benefits of your products and services, everybody and their uncle does that.  Offer a story that is real, but more importantly, feels real to your customers.  Be sure the story about your products is something that people can understand and relate to.  Be friendly, do not talk to your audience, tell them a story as if you are sitting across from them in a small room. 

By offering compelling stories about your products, customers will tend to stay on your site longer and will come back to visit more often.  They will also refer your site to others, so that they too can read the enjoyable stories on your site.  Your stories should not just provide some enjoyment, but compel the readers to spend more time on your site and to want to purchase your products and services.

In order to allow your customers to feel comfortable with you as a business person, do you provide easy access to your competition?  When you are comparing your products to the competition, do you provide your competitor’s website, just so your readers can go make the comparisons on their own too?  Odds are, if you do this, your customers will not choose to go elsewhere because you are appearing forthright about your comparisons.  If you are confident enough about your products to compare them clearly to the competition, then there must be some legitimacy to your assertions.  If you are not comfortable listing your competition, what changes do you think you need to make to your information so that you are confident your readers will almost always choose your products over those of the competition?

A second point to review is how you are educating your prospects.  Do you just provide the basic facts and figures about your products and services?  Are you answering the same questions your competition is answering, in the same manner?  Is there a better way to educate your readers or perhaps, are you taking some of their knowledge for granted?  For instance, if you are offering a waterless car wash system, are you assuming that your prospects already know about cleaning their vehicles without water?  Do you explain why you do NOT want to use water on your vehicle?  Do you offer examples of what other paint professionals feel about using water on vehicles?  Take a different approach when explaining the why’s and wherefore’s about your product.  It is an easy mistake to assume that your customers know as much about your products as you do, but odds are, they have no clue.  Take that into account when explaining why your products are needed and superior to the competition.

Thirdly, what dull or boring aspects of your products and services can you ‘jazz’ up?  Don’t lie about some of the dull information, but try to find a more interesting way to explain the “boring” stuff.  Yeah, cleaning your car without water is cool, but did you see the SHINE on the car after using the waterless product?  Perhaps relay how astonished your customers are with the absolute quality of your products or services.  Allow their excitement to be injected into the supposedly “dull” explanation of your products or services.  If you have excited customers, you will have excited readers wanting to know more…

Next week we will continue offering more tips for your personal business success.  Hopefully you will be able to apply these 3 tips for more business success to your own business.

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More Tips on Growing your Business

17 11 2010

How many times have you reviewed your financial statements and wondered how you were going to increase sales this month?  If you were not increasing sales, you will have to worry about what other item you are going to have to cut back next month.  This is one of the main worries of the small business owner from the beginning of time.  You may have an incredible product to offer your customers, but if you don’t have the income or more precisely, PROFITABILITY, to support your product, your business will not be around for very long. This week we have more tips on growing your business.

This week we are going to review some more tips and suggestions to help boost your small business sales.  Not all of these tips are going to work for all of you, but perhaps some of these tips, if not directly helpful, will get your creative juices flowing and generate some seriously profitable ideas for your specific business venture.

As we have discussed in earlier blogs, your product,  service or opportunity (or all three perhaps) needs to not just fill your needs, but to fill the common need of your target customer.  Can you help people learn how to survive this current real estate downturn?  Do you have a new and innovative way to help clients sell their homes?

Have you looked at the prices you are posting for your particular products?  If you lower prices a bit and sell more products, would you ultimate make more income?  The key here is to advertise that you are lower prices again to assist your customers survive this economic downturn.  You don’t want them thinking you are lowering your prices to get rid of inventory.  You want your customers to believe that your new lower prices are a direct result of you wanting to help them deal with this economic strife.

Do you have a product that is more of a discretionary income item? Have sales gone down because people are not as willing to spend on discretionary items?  Can you rethink how to market this “luxury” item so that when your customer uses this item, they are given a brief “vacation” from the day-to-day stresses.  Using your item will give them a little bit of pleasure which in turn helps bolster their energy for the next round of reality.

Or, do you have a product or service that is a necessity, no matter what the economic climate has become?  If you don’t have this type of product, is there some item out there that might complement your current product offerings?   This item could help you to grow your business and develop a sustained income month over month going forward.

Lastly, don’t forget your customer.  Customer service and honest follow-up, especially in this economic environment, is the best business.  How many stores have you gone into where the clerks were cranky or just plain mean?  Did you leave that store feeling positive about your purchase?  If you found another store where the clerks were cheerful and friendly, don’t you think you would be more willing to spend additional time wandering around?  With  internet sales exploding, and on-line marketing at every turn, it is critical to differentiate yourself from your competition with your customer service.  People will be drawn to good customer service.  They will be more willing to spend their hard-earned cash at your business too because you made them feel better either about themselves or about their purchases.  These same customers will also be more receptive to purchasing higher priced products (i.e. “do you want fries with that?”).

It is truly amazing how much more people will purchase if you spend a little quality time with them.  Keep them appraised of any new promotions, send a very brief message monthly to let them know that all is well, periodically offer a customer loyalty gift or coupon.  Even if your customers do not redeem the coupons, they will be pleased that you thought of them, and will be more inclined to spend money with you instead of going to your competitor.

Hopefully some of these tips on growing your business sales can be implemented in your business.   What would be even better is that some of these tips inspired you to think of other ideas that grow your business.  Good luck and have a great business week.

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3 Marketing Tips to help grow your business

26 10 2010

This week we are going to cover 3 marketing tips to help grow your business.  If you are like many small and home based businesses, you have most likely struggled with getting your product, services or ideas out to the general public.  There are many, many different marketing techniques to get your business advertised, but for many, money is the determining factor.  This week we are beginning a brief series on some marketing tips to help grow your business and not break your bank.

1 – To begin with, you need to have the right marketing message and present it at the right time for your customers.  You do not want to advertise the latest big cars when the gas prices are going through the roof.  The key is to be sure your business offers a solution or solutions to the problems consumers are facing today, not what they faced yesterday.  Don’t spend your hard-earned money on trying to build your image…yet.  You can build your image more effectively by word of as your business grows instead of hiring an advertising agency to promote you.

2 Test the market by trying some direct response marketing pieces.  Keep the cost of printing to a minimum, offer free reports, a free consultation, or some type of coupon to draw people to your business opportunity.  Try a few different direct response offers, and most importantly, keep track of which offers you made and how you sent them out.  Once you receive responses back, track which ones were your most successful and then work to improve upon those.  Do not spend time on ineffective direct response ideas.  If you didn’t get any response, toss that idea and move on to one that did generate interest.

3 – Once you receive responses from your marketing pieces, it is critical that you follow-up with your leads often and quickly.  Ask how they would prefer you to stay in touch with them.  Some may prefer a monthly newsletter, others may prefer a weekly e-mail or a phone call.   Tally the results with what your customers ultimately purchase.

Lastly, ask your customers how they found out about your business.  Was it through a friend, an ad they had seen in a local paper, or some other means of advertising that you have employed?  Do not jump from one advertising piece to another unless you have carefully documented the success and failures of what you have completed.  Very important – do not do major changes to your marketing pieces.  Do little changes and measure the results.  You will be amazed at how one small change can lead to large results.  If you change too many things at one time, you will have no idea which specific change generated the improved business.

Next week we will continue with additional marketing tips to help grow your business.

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Improving your business (attitude)

17 10 2010

This week’s blog is meant to be more inspirational than instructional.  Hopefully it will be both, but you never know until you read the whole thing.  Most of the blogs posted here are on how to improve your business, either on-line or as a regular store front.  Going through the motions of improving your small business is not necessarily going to allow your business to grow.  There is another aspect (other than the technical stuff) to growing your business, and that is your business attitude.

Your business attitude has a lot to do with how well your business will grow.  Granted, you may have an absolutely awesome business idea, you may have the first product to ever hit the market, and you may have an innovation that will make the world a better place to live, but if your attitude is not in the right place, odds are that your business will initially grow and then get stuck.  You will try all of the tricks that the “experts” suggest to get your business growing (like some of the tips that have been provided here in past posts) and you may eve obtain marginal improvement.  Yet with all of that work you have done, it still seems that your business is not growing enough, or is not growing at all.   It may seem like you cannot increase sales, no matter what you do.

Have you checked your business attitude lately?  Do you blame the economy for your bad business decisions?  Is it the “economy’s” fault that your business is not growing anymore?  The current economic situation could very easily be part of hwy your business has not grown, but in an economy like we currently have, there are other avenues which you can possibly take that would help to kick-start your business again.  Are you the victim of the bad economy or are you going to turn the problem around and become victorious over the economy?

Your current business success is due to a series of choices you personally made.  You may not have specifically made a choice on some of your business dealings, but as a business owner, you are responsible for those below you and the choices they may make.  If some of your employees make a bad business decision, what are you going to do to correct it?  You cannot sit back and blame everything on someone else’s bad decision.  As a business owner, the responsibility for a successful business rests solidly on your shoulders.  Even if your business partner decides to become a flake, it is your decision on how to deal with the situation.  You can either accept the current situation, leave it, or choose to change it.

The key here is to not allow yourself to feel like you are a victim of circumstances beyond your control.  The only time that truly occurs is due to acts of God (hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, etc.).  Other than that, what happens to your business and ultimately you is based on how you choose to deal with the challenge.  You need to learn to control your business and not let it control you.

If you go through the internet reading all of the tips to improve your business and do not implement even one small idea, it is not the fault of the author that the idea didn’t work.  Gathering information and then not implementing any ideas is not going to help you to grow your business.  Your business needs you to be involved and to take an active role in its growth.  You will make mistakes, we all do.  You will encounter failures, if you didn’t you would not be learning.   The difference is that each time you fail or something doesn’t work, you make notes, get up, dust yourself off, and try again with a different angle.  Your business attitude is critical for your business success.

One definition of insanity is “doing the same things every day and expecting different results”.  If you have honestly tried one way to tackle a problem and that didn’t resolve the problem, don’t expect the next day will be any different.  You need to check your attitude, and look for alternative ways to solve your business problems.  You cannot allow yourself to be a victim of the economy, bad luck, or bad employees.  If the economy is bad (you can’t change that) find something to offer people that they need for a bad economy.  If you have had bad luck, then next time, don’t base a business decision on luck, but research and do your homework before getting involved in another business.  If you have bad employees, get rid of them, do not keep them around.  There are more than enough really good people looking for a really good business opportunity.

Do not waste your time with a bad business attitude.  Focus on what you can change (even if it is changing your attitude toward your current situation) and then move forward from there.  You will be surprised at how much growth your small business will experience.

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Until next week…

3 Tips for Increasing Your Online Sales

5 10 2010

Many businesses now have an on-line aspect to their sales, but you may have discovered that it is very difficult to generate online sales.  Looking around the Internet today is like walking into a library and having no idea what you are looking for.  Tonight we are going to review 3 tips for increasing your online sales.

Even if you know what you are looking for, it could take you literally days to find what you want at the price you want.  Many online businesses have to compete with other businesses that offer the same or similar products.  These other competitors may be located in your state, or may be located over seas.  The question is how to attract more customers to your particular site without spending too much money.  We are going to cover 3 tips for increasing your sales online without spending mountains of money.

The first tip is to find the questions that customers are asking and are not being answered by your competition.  This may sound daunting at first, but if you know your product and know your industry, you should also know what questions your customers have regarding your particular products and services.  If you are not sure what questions may be asked regarding your industry, try going to Yahoo Answers and type in your keywords.  Study the results carefully and see if there is a particular trend in what questions are asked.  This will tell you what is not being answered.  Another place to look for questions that don’t seem to be well answered is in forums.  Watch what is being said and how many times similar questions are being asked.  A last place to look for unanswered questions is to your customers.  Ask them if they have unanswered questions regarding your products and services.

You may (and should) have the answers to the unanswered questions you discovered above.  The case may be that others in your industry do not want to answer the particular questions.  The answers may be embarrassing, or, in your competition’s mind, may give away trade secrets.  The second key tip  is for you to accurately answer the unanswered questions and be sure that your customers and potential customers can easily find these answers.  You may want to format the answers to the questions as a blog post.  Do not post all the answers at one time, you want to have your audience come back to visit your site frequently.   As you post answers to various questions, continue looking for new questions so you can keep your blog fresh.

The third tip to increase your online sales is to be sure that you have your answers posted in more than one location.  Some customers may not like to read blogs, so perhaps you would want to have a FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) page on your website that customers can conveniently access.  Also, for the blog articles you have written that answer the various questions, consider submitting those articles to as many RSS feeds as possible.  Bookmark your blog posts using Digg, Technorati and De i cious.   Submit your articles to top websites, ezines and article directories so you get a wider viewing audience.   Also be sure to include links to your articles in the various social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Linked In and Myspace.

By implementing these 3 tips (noting unanswered questions, answering those same questions and then by posting those answers all around the Internet), you will find that more people will come to your site and ultimately you will increase your online sales.  People are hungry for answers to questions, but more importantly they are hungry for accurate answers to their questions.  If you are able to position your business and website as a ‘go-to’ source of information, you will develop more trust with your online customers and ultimately increase your online sales.  Good luck and enjoy your search for the unanswered questions.

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