Building Your Business Success – Part 2

11 01 2011

Last week we began a brief discussion of how to build your business success

Key to Business Success

for 2011.  We reviewed the concept of what Commitment means to your small business success and that you personally are responsible for your small business success.  This week we are going to finish the discussion on Building your Business Success for 2011.

Actually anybody who starts a small business can be successful.  The differentiating factor is, how LONG will your business be successful.  Again, it does partially go back to that commitment thing.  You may be successful when you first start your business, but you must remain committed to your business success.  True business success is also founded on solid business basics.  If you do not have a good grasp of business basics, it would be wise, even before starting your own business, to take a class or two, or take a seminar to learn and master the basics of business.  Without business basics, you may be successful for a little while, but your lack of basic business knowledge will most likely get you in more trouble and could ultimately contribute to your lack of long-term business success.

We must all continue practicing and reviewing and mastering the basics of business.  Without a well established / thought-out business foundation, everything you build, will most likely not stand the tests of time.  Keep up on your basics.  If you don’t know, be sure to ask a trusted source that will help you master your business foundation.  With a strong business foundation, all the work you do for your business will be successful.

Focus on Continuous Growth

Another key to building your business success (and not just making a New Year’s Resolution) is to focus on growing throughout the year, and ultimately growing for the next several years.  Do not just focus on growing your business for this month or the next.  You need to have a long-term view of where you want your business to go if you want your business to grow.  Focusing only on the month-to-month growth will not provide you with enough time to really refine and define what direction you want your business to grow in the years to come.  If you focus 2-, 3-, 5- and even 10-years in the future, then the short-term setbacks will not be so difficult to resolve.  By looking at the long-term, you can look past the immediate obstacles and focus on how to obtain that long-term goal.  By having long goals, you will find it is much easier to get past the little stuff.  If you only look from month-to-month, the problems that may crop up will most likely appear much larger than they actually are.

Lastly, it is never too late to make your business successful.  You may have had a really bad year in 2010, but that doesn’t mean you will have a bad year going forward.  Review your business plan, identify what went wrong and more importantly, look for WHY you did not follow your business plan or why you were not successful last year.  If you can identify WHY things didn’t occur (this is different from placing blame) then you can identify what you need to do to avoid that obstacle going forward.  Even if you had a decent year last year, it is not too late to revisit your business plan and adjust for any new plans or ideas you may have.  Again, be sure to keep the long-term view when reworking your plans.  When in doubt, enlist the assistance of other experts in  your field of business, to help review what you have and where you want to go.

Here is to your continued business success in the new year.

If you are looking for a second income opportunity, or are looking for some type of small, home based business to get involved with, we may have something that would interest you.  We offer a wide variety of business opportunities, from Pre-Paid Legal Services, to Stem Cell Nutritional Products, to Waterless Cleaning Products.  If we don’t have exactly what you are looking for, we may know where you can find it.  Good luck and let’s all see our businesses grow in 2011.

Until next week…

3 Tips for more business success

7 12 2010

This week we are going to discuss 3 tips for more business success.   In order to stay in business, you need to strive to make your business continuously successful.  This quote from Jim Rohn sums up business success nicely:

“Success is neither magical or mysterious.  Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying basic fundamentals.”

One key to success

All people in business are sales people.  Whether or not we have a tangible item to sell, we are all selling something in order to gain something (money…usually..).   The key is to be able to “sell” to your customer base without them feeling that you are selling them anything.  Since people can’t really control their feelings, it is important that you are able to get them to feel like they NEED your products or services.  The key to helping your customers feel like they need your products is to provide them service and information that your competitors do not offer.

To build a good rapport with your customers online, it is beneficial to provide a good story about your products.  Do not just list the benefits of your products and services, everybody and their uncle does that.  Offer a story that is real, but more importantly, feels real to your customers.  Be sure the story about your products is something that people can understand and relate to.  Be friendly, do not talk to your audience, tell them a story as if you are sitting across from them in a small room. 

By offering compelling stories about your products, customers will tend to stay on your site longer and will come back to visit more often.  They will also refer your site to others, so that they too can read the enjoyable stories on your site.  Your stories should not just provide some enjoyment, but compel the readers to spend more time on your site and to want to purchase your products and services.

In order to allow your customers to feel comfortable with you as a business person, do you provide easy access to your competition?  When you are comparing your products to the competition, do you provide your competitor’s website, just so your readers can go make the comparisons on their own too?  Odds are, if you do this, your customers will not choose to go elsewhere because you are appearing forthright about your comparisons.  If you are confident enough about your products to compare them clearly to the competition, then there must be some legitimacy to your assertions.  If you are not comfortable listing your competition, what changes do you think you need to make to your information so that you are confident your readers will almost always choose your products over those of the competition?

A second point to review is how you are educating your prospects.  Do you just provide the basic facts and figures about your products and services?  Are you answering the same questions your competition is answering, in the same manner?  Is there a better way to educate your readers or perhaps, are you taking some of their knowledge for granted?  For instance, if you are offering a waterless car wash system, are you assuming that your prospects already know about cleaning their vehicles without water?  Do you explain why you do NOT want to use water on your vehicle?  Do you offer examples of what other paint professionals feel about using water on vehicles?  Take a different approach when explaining the why’s and wherefore’s about your product.  It is an easy mistake to assume that your customers know as much about your products as you do, but odds are, they have no clue.  Take that into account when explaining why your products are needed and superior to the competition.

Thirdly, what dull or boring aspects of your products and services can you ‘jazz’ up?  Don’t lie about some of the dull information, but try to find a more interesting way to explain the “boring” stuff.  Yeah, cleaning your car without water is cool, but did you see the SHINE on the car after using the waterless product?  Perhaps relay how astonished your customers are with the absolute quality of your products or services.  Allow their excitement to be injected into the supposedly “dull” explanation of your products or services.  If you have excited customers, you will have excited readers wanting to know more…

Next week we will continue offering more tips for your personal business success.  Hopefully you will be able to apply these 3 tips for more business success to your own business.

If you are looking for a second income opportunity and are not sure what you would like to do, please review our website, we may have something that you have not seen before.  Our website is slowly being renovated, so please feel free to come back often and review our modifications.  We always welcome your comments and suggestions.

Until next week…

Turning Business Plans into Action Plans-Part 2

28 06 2010

Last week we continued talking about moving from a Business Plan to an Action Plan.  We talked about how I went from researching the Waterless Technology business opportunity to working the opportunity for income and profit.  This was one of the most exciting and frightening times of my life.  Here I was planning on quitting my job, one I had been working at for over 12 years and going into a business for myself, but not by myself.  I was scared beyond belief, but also looking forward to the challenge of turning all the business theories into action. 

We did not just have one plan of attack on working the Waterless Business once I quit my job.  We had identified several options on where the business would go once I started working it full-time.  Our primary plan was to travel the country, following the motorcycle rally circuit most of the year in order to demonstrate the product, detail motorcycles and promote the business. 

Booth at Arkansas HOG Rally

This basic Business Plan had worked for Steve for several years, and our plan was to develop the rally schedule and include larger rallies along with larger booth space in order to gain a bigger foot-print and better profits.  We created a basic budget for maximum amounts to spend on booth space at a rally and also factored in the costs of getting to and from the rallies.  As we were growing, we identified how many individual units of product we must sell before we cleared our booth and travel expenses.  We also started looking at numbers of attendees and started some statistical tracking of the various events to determine if they were a reasonable risk.

We made sure to identify in both the Business and Action Plans that all rallies are risky.  You can predict several items, like attendance, but you cannot predict weather, or local economic conditions.  You can guesstimate rally attendance based on past rally performances; you can talk to other vendors to determine if they have participated in this particular event in the past and if it was profitable for them.  Not all, actually, many will not give you a straight answer so the next best question if you are unsure if this particular rally will be good for you is to find out how many vendors there will be and how many are there for the first time.  We get nervous if we found a rally where the majority of vendors were there for the first time.  Unless it is the first year for a particular rally, you should not have more than 25% new vendors.  If you have more than that number of new vendors, you need to start asking serious questions about why there are so few returning vendors or why there are so many new vendors.  There may be legitimate reasons for both, but these are questions that need to be asked of the promoter or any vendors if you can contact them.  Another very important question to ask is how many vendors will be at the event and if any of them are offer the same type of products and services you have to offer. 

There is no greater disappointment and frustration as arriving at a rally to discover that there are several other vendors who also offer similar or identical products or services as you.  Unless the rally or event pulls in hundreds of thousands of participants, there is a high likelihood that your profits will suffer as duplication of products and services increases.   Luckily, not many people are involved in promoting Waterless Technology Cleaning products at many motorcycle rallies

Until next week…

Turning your Business Plan into an ACTION Plan

21 06 2010

Beginning Booth Display

In the last few weeks we have had an ongoing discussion on why I wanted to start a business and what I have been doing to prepare to start a business.  As you are all  most likely aware, you can research to your heart’s content, you can ask millions of questions, but eventually you are going to have to actually decide turn your Business Plan into an Action Plan.  All the research and learning in the world is not going to make you a dime until you finally decide to put action behind your business opportunity. 

I finally applied action to the business plan.  Even though I was actively helping work the business, it was time for me to spread my wings and to get actively involved in the business opportunity.  My first business, and my strongest business to date is in the Waterless Cleaning Technology field.  So, I finally put my money where my mouth is and started my own Waterless Technology business.  Actually, to say I started my own business is not entirely accurate.  As I had been working with Steve over the last 6 months, we decided to pool our resources and really focus on building the Waterless Technology business into new heights. 

What we initially did after I got financially involved was to develop our basic business plan.  That was interesting because Steve had been doing this business for many years before I arrived on the scene, and he didn’t have anything written down.  Everything was in his head.  We had quite a number of discussions and plans that I wanted documented and he saw as a waste of time.  Our differences in conducting and developing a business plan may have hurt other partnerships, but for us, the differences made our business plan and action plan stronger and better.  Steve is basically the idea man, I became the person behind the scenes that made sure all the “i’s” were dotted and “t’s” crossed and took the step back to make sure the Business Plan and subsequent Action Plan really made sense.  I also started looking critically at how we were presenting ourselves to the public and worked on creating our corporate identity. 

Early Booth Display

I continued to work full-time while working the Waterless business in the evenings and on weekends.  I talked to all my co-workers at the job and got several of them interested in the waterless products.  A few were interested in the opportunity too, but were too uncertain to take that extra step.  They wanted to watch me succeed before they were willing to go out on a limb.  Can’t say that I blamed them, still don’t blame them because if you think about it, I didn’t just jump into a business opportunity cold, I had Steve to work with and teach me the ropes.  The difference was that once we created a business plan and implemented the plan, our Waterless Technology business began to flourish even more.  We were then able to start focusing on when I would quit my regular “job” and focus on building our Waterless Wash  business full-time.

Until next week…

What was I thinking starting a business?

9 06 2010

What was I thinking starting a business?

What was I thinking when I wanted to start a small business and quit my regular job?  I look back now and sometimes that same question still runs through my head.   As you may be working a regular job and getting insanely frustrated with the quantity of work, lack of upward mobility and lack of money, you start thinking about how good it could be to start your own small business.  Starting a business is not a bad idea, and a lot of work and preparation needs to be done before you actually “pull the plug” on your current paying job.

What I did over 5 years ago, was start looking into what type of home-based business I wanted to engage in.  As you are well aware, there are hundreds upon hundreds of business opportunities out there.  Many of them are essentially one-night stands, but there are many legitimate business opportunities to be found.  The key is to locate the opportunity that not only will bring in money to supplement and/or replace what you are currently making, but to also find an opportunity that you are passionate about.  Easier said than done.

Passion about what you have to offer will go a long way to helping you grow your business.  If you are not passionate about what you are offering, it will be hard for you to put in the extra hours to start your business and get it up and running.  Honestly, I was very sceptical of all the opportunities that were out there.  How could any of these business opportunities make me millions?  The hype sounds great, the numbers look great, then you have to look at who and how many people are truly successful in that particular industry. 

It is so hard to separate the hype from the reality of the particular business opportunity.  If you talk to people in the opportunity you are interested in, they will most likely tell you that they are doing fine and business is great.  It is extremely rare that you would find someone who would even hint that the business was not all that it was cracked up to be.  So, the research and work falls on your shoulders.  The problem is of course, if you are trying to get ahead, you probably don’t have a lot of time to do all that legwork and research needed before you leap into that business opportunity.  I heard so many horror stories about people getting into businesses only to either not get product or not get paid, that I really was worried about starting a business.  The biggest problem was I had little capital to invest and even less time.  My rules for finding an appropriate business was:  the cost of entry had to be low, the product cost had to be reasonable yet the products had to be high quality and I had to be able to make money even if I didn’t sign up tons of people to work under me.

What I did, which may sound crazy to some, is to decide to work with one of the people actually in the opportunity.  I did not sign up for the opportunity initially, refused to actually.  I wanted to get some real-hands-on experience with the products and services before I would even put a dollar towards that particular opportunity.  It took some effort to find someone willing to allow me to work with them (actually assist them) but it was well worth the effort.  By actually going with them to the events, watching them work the business, watching them interact with people and watching the money come in or not, well, that was worth millions in my book.  One of my passions is saving the environment, so when I found a business that did help the environment and could also theoretically help me to replace my current income, I then looked for someone I could work with to verify that this was a good idea both financially and in product.  The product line I fell in love with was a Waterless Car Wash

Next week we will continue talking about what I was thinking to see if this was the right business to get into

Hawgwash and Waterless Technology

16 10 2009

Last week we discussed one of our business opportunities, Pre-Paid Legal.  We briefly reviewed what Pre-Paid Legal can offer to individuals, families and small businesses.  Today we are going to review another business opportunity offered by Hawgwash, LLC, Waterless Technology.

Our Waterless Technologyproducts are items that you can use to clean your car, boat, RV, motorcycle, airplane without using additional water.  With the products we offer, you spray the product onto your vehicle (and the dirt), work the product onto the vehicle, and then wipe it off.  This process, even though you may think it will just push the dirt around, actually cleans, seals and protects your vehicle’s finish without scratching. 

We carry waterless wash products from two different companies in order to provide our customers with choices, but only offer one of those companies, UltraLuster, as an income opportunity.  With UltraLuster, we highly recommend that you personally use all of the products they offer, otherwise, how can you effectively talk to perspective customers?  If you don’t have first-hand knowledge of what the products can and cannot do, you are not going to give your customer any confidence that the products truly do work. 

Along with knowing how to use the products, for these items in particular, we recommend that you keep some product on hand for people who want to have the item NOW, not tomorrow or next week.  Once they see you cleaning your vehicle with the UltraLuster products, those customers are going to get excited and want the products immediately.  If they have to wait a week, that enthusiasm you generated will most likely have worn off and they may not try the product that they purchased and question why they purchased the product.  We have become an immediate gratification society, if people can’t purchase what they want NOW, they probably won’t purchase it or they will go somewhere else to get it NOW. 

Going back to my “don’t sell them what they don’t want” stance, you don’t want them to make a purchase they won’t like, and you want them happy about their purchase.  If you can give the customer the product NOW, show them how to use it NOW, they can go home and do what they were shown, NOW.  If they wait a week or more, it is highly likely that they will have forgotten what was said, forgotten how to apply the product and become frustrated because the product isn’t working the way they thought they remembered. 

If you cannot purchase extra product now, another option is to sell sample sizes to customers in anticipation of their full-sized product delivery.  This way they can use the product now and then when the full-sized product arrives in the mail, the customers are excited again about receiving the refill for their sample bottle. 

What I just reviewed was our direct selling model for the Waterless Technology products.  There is also another way to earn money with UltraLuster, and that is by signing up other distributors who do what you are doing.  These other distributors can be people who live around you, or people who you know in another part of the country.  Once you get other distributors set up and selling UltraLuster, you earn a second income from the purchases of product through the company.  You do not take any money from the distributors you set up.  If they make a killing in direct sales, good for them, you do not get any additional commissions on their extra earnings.  You get commissioned on the waterless technology items they purchase directly from UltraLuster.  This is your passive income, you are not physically working, yet income is starting to roll in. 

If you are interested in finding out more on either our retail sales end of UltraLuster, or what the benefit of becoming a distributor of UltraLuster would be, please contact us a or check out our website at