Why STEMTech and MonaVie

27 02 2010
Bottle of StemEnhance

StemEnhance Bottle

In prior blogs we discussed the benefits of the STEMTech products and the benefits of the MonaVie product line.  It has come to my attention that there is a question as to ‘why offer both products?’.  This week’s blog will cover why we offer both STEMTech and MonaVie and reiterate the benefits of diversifying your product lines.

As we have discussed in the past, STEMTech offers two products that helps enhance your body’s natural ability to naturally renew itself.  The one product, StemEnhance has been shown to allow your body to release approximately 25% more of your own adult stem cells into your system for use.  Those additional stem cells can then go to areas in your body that need assistance and can assist in the renewal of your body.  StemEnhance promotes the rebuilding of your body’s cells so that you have more rebuilding than entropy (aging).  Cells die in your body daily, that is a natural event.  The key is to have a way to rebuild and or replace those cells that die.  By allowing additional adult stem cells to circulate in your body, you are increasing your chance of rebuilding more of those cells. 

The other product by STEMTech is StemFLO which naturally supports the circulatory system of the body.  StemFLO is all about circulation, it digests what is called a Fibrin mesh (which is used in clotting), supports blood circulation and aids in purifying the blood.  By improving your body’s circulatory system, StemFLO essentially allows more of your circulating adult stem cells to get to where they need to go.  StemFLO supports the delivery of stem cells, oxygen ad nutrients by improving the body’s circulation.  It also provides strong antioxidant nutrition, overall greater health, optimized circulation and optimized stem cell physiology.  StemFLO supports the optimum blood circulation by digesting fibrin, reducing oxidative stress in the blood, detoxifying the blood and improving overall blood flow.  It si especially designed to support the delivery of stem cells to all parts of the body and when used in conjunction with StemEnhance, StemFLO optimizes the body’s ability to deliver and circulate adult stem cells to the tissues and organs where they are needed.

Well, then, you may wonder what good would MonaVie products do if StemEnhance and StemFLO are so good.  The logic we have applied is that the MonaVie products help maintain the cells in your body.  The MonaVie product line will assist in keeping your existing cells healthy and functioning effectively.  MonaVie products have strong antioxidant properties, contain phytonutrients, amino acids, vitamins and trace minerals.  The better state of nutrition you can put in the body, the better the body can heal itself and stay healthy.  The advantage of MonaVie is that it is in a fruit juice form, so is easy to consumed and absorbs quickly into the body. 

The antioxidants in MonaVie Active for instance, work to neutralize free radicals and to keep them from harming our body.  So, once you have created healthy cells with the STEMTech products, we can use the MonaVie products to maintain those healthy cells.  It is our thought that by using both STEMTech products and MonaVie products, you are helping the cells from essentially the ‘birth’ stage through the ‘adult’ stage.

The other advantage of carrying two types and brands of nutritional products is that not every product will produce the same results in everybody.  Some products may not be good for some people to consume, you may be allergic to something in one of the products, but by carrying a variety of nutritionals you increase the chance of one of those items being acceptable to someone.  The other neat benefit of carrying these two nutritional lines is that STEMTech comes in pill form, and MonaVie comes in a juice drink form.  If you encounter someone who cannot take pills, then MonaVie would be much more to their liking.  Diversification is necessary in any business, there is not one item that will help all the people. 

You don’t walk into a grocery store and find only one product on the shelf.  We all need variety and we all cannot consume the exact same items.  Our bodies are all different, our tastes vary, so you cannot expect everyone to want to consume the same nutritional product.  Diversification allows you to meet more of your customers varied needs. 

I cannot personally drink MonaVie Pulse because it contains some fruits that I am highly allergic to.  I have experienced to date great results with both of the STEMTech products, and add to my cellular health by drinking MonaVie Active in the morning and M(m)un in the evening.  The Active helps with my joint health and M(m)un helps maintain my immune system.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us at hawgwash1@yahoo.com or leave a comment at the end of this blog.

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Health and MonaVie

21 02 2010
Some MonaVie Products

MonaVie Product Line

This is the blog that was supposed to be posted earlier, but due to circumstances beyond my control (life just got in the way) I am finishing the posting tonight.  This week we will discuss how MonaVie works to help you stay healthy. 

Antioxidants prevent free radicals from potentially damaging millions of healthy cells.  Experts agree that a diet rich in a variety of antioxidants helps fight the visible signs of aging and is essential to maintaining your good health.  There has been quite a lot of news on antioxidants lately, and many products claim to have antioxidants in them.  The key is to have enough antioxidants to help reduce the quantity of free radicals in your system.  (Free radicals are not bad people, they are atoms with at least one unpaired electron.  In excess, free radicals can produce harmful oxidation that can damage cell membranes, accelerate aging and lead to other ailments).  It is not just what you consume that can cause free radicals, the pollution from the air we breath, tobacco smoke, alcohol, stress, lack of sleep and poor diet are among other factors that increase free radicals in your body.

MonaVie provides products that feature a wonderful blend of the Brazilian Acai berry and at least 18 other fruits from around the world.  This combination of Acai and other fruits provide strong antioxidant properties along with phytonutrients, essential fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, complex carbohydrates and dietary fiber.   As you may know, MonaVie has several different product combinations to suit a variety of tastes and personal needs.  

MonaVie Original provides general nutrition and antioxidant nutrition for your body.  The drink is packed with nutrition and has a low glycemic index.  There are also high levels of phytoutrients found in the fruits that help maintain and promote good health.  Four ounces of MonaVie Original delivers the equivalent antioxidant capacity of approximately 13 servings of fruits and vegetables. 

MonaVie Active also includes the Acai berry and a blend of 18 different fruits from around the world.  What Active provides is additional nutrition for joint health.  This formula contains plant derived glucosamine to promote healthy joint function.  MonaVie Pulse was released late last year and is another blend of MonaVie, but this has an emphasis on heart health.  This formula promotes the cardiovascular system and helps maintain existing healthy cholesterol levels.  Pulse is  a fusion of important heart healthy ingredients with boundless benefits towards optimal health.  The Pulse has a blend of 19 fruits. 

Mid-year last year, MonaVie introduced Emv which is their answer to the energy drink craze.  What makes MonaVie E so original is that it contains 80% juice and no artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners or preservatives.   This 8.4 fluid ounce drink can give you the boost of energy you need, without the associated jitters or crash.

The latest in the MonaVie lineup is the (M)mun that was just introduced in January of this year.  (M)mun is designed to promote immune health.  It too is comprised of 19 key fruits, some of those are not in the other MonaVie Juices.  This drink improves the activities of white blood cells. 

MonaVie is designed to keep your current and existing cells healthy and to maintain your overall health.  If you have any questions regarding the MonaVie product line, or which MonaVie product may be for you, please feel free to e-mail us at hawgwash1@yahoo.com or leave a comment.  More information on the various MonaVie products can be found on our website www.hawgwash.net/MonaVie.htm .

Next week we will discuss how MonaVie and StemEnhance can work together to provide you optimal health.

Stem Cell Nutrition and Health

6 02 2010

This week we are going to review Stem Cell Nutrition and it’s relationship to helping your body to naturally stay healthy.   You have probably heard about stem cell research, in particular with regard to embryonic stem cell research.  What we are going to talk about this week is adult stem cells, not embryonic stem cells.  Click here if you would like to view the video.

Adult stem cells are cells which are basically immortal because they can multiply endlessly.  They are classified as a primitive cell because they are not specialized.  The advantage of adult stem cells being primitive is that they can differentiate into any type of cell in the body.  Adult stem cells can differentiation into the cell type of the tissue in which they migrate, just like embryonic stem cells.  The difference is that the adult stem cells are found naturally in the body’s bone marrow.  Adult stems cells are present from the time you are born. 

Bone marrow stem cells (Adult Stem Cells) constitute the natural renewal system of the body.  Increasing the release of adult stem cells from the bone marrow allows the body to combat aging and promotes greater health

We have a product, StemEnhance, that supports the natural release of stem cells into your circulatory system.  The main ingredient of StemEnhance is Aphanizomeon flos-aquae (AFA) which is a natural aquatic botanical grown in the Pacific Northwest.  It has been found that people using products with AFA have reported less inflammation, increased mental clarity and extra energy along with improved cardiovascular systems, improved liver and pancreatic functions. 

It has been found that by using StemEnhance, there is a natural release of about 25% more adult stem cells from the bone marrow into the circulatory system.  This 25% increase represents approximately 3-4 million new stem cells circulating in the blood.  Optimal health can be related to a higher number of circulating adult stem cells.  The good news is that even though StemEnhance may release more stem cells into your blood, your body still maintains a constant number of stem cells in the bone marrow.  For every adult stem cell naturally released into the blood, a sister stem cell remains in the bone marrow.  If you body does not use the stem cells that are in the blood, they are reabsorbed back into the bone marrow. 

StemEnhance promotes the rebuilding of cells so that you have more rebuilding than aging.  Cells die in the body every day – that is a natural process – so the key is to have a way to rebuild and / or replace the cells that die quickly. 

The advantage of using StemEnhance is to keep up optimal health by supporting the natural release of your own adult stem cells into your circulatory system.  If you are able to stay healthy, naturally, then you will have less need to visit doctors and you will be able to live a more active and full lifestyle. 

If you would like more information on StemEnhance, please feel free to contact me at hawgwash1@yahoo.com.  If you would like to see some of the scientific studies on StemEnhance or would like more information on stem cell nutrition in general, please visit my website at www.hawgwash.stemtechbiz.com.   If you want to see the StemEnhance Product video, click here.

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New Business Oportunity

11 12 2009


We have found a new Business Opportunity that looks to really be on the cutting edge of technology.  As you have seen in our Income Opportunities we have in our arsenal, we have begun to expand in the Health/Nutrition area.  Last week we located a new nutritional that compliments our existing lines, these are Stem Cell nutritionals, designed to enhance adult stem cell release into the blood stream. 

We found out about this break through concept from a friend of ours who is very active in cutting-edge nutritionals.  This product is composed of natural botanicals.  What this main ingredient (Aphanizomenon flos-aquae), an aquatic botanical, does is allow the body to release more of its adult stem cells out of the bone marrow to help heal and renew the body.  We have been researching this item for almost a month before we decided to get involved. 

As we have discussed in prior blogs, it is important to do research into the business opportunity you are interested in before making a time and/or money investment.  We are all well aware of all the business opportunities out there that do not produce the results promoted, not make the money promised.  So we spent the last several weeks asking people (friends, experts, neighbors) their opinion of the products and if it looks like a viable opportunity.   Based on all that we could uncover, this really does appear to be the first-ever stem cell enhancer.  There are medical research papers on their website that appear to be very informative, it just takes time to read through them (especially if you do not have a medical degree).

At this point, after our research, we decided to get involved, the worst case scenario is that we would personally consume the products, and be none the worse for wear.  Most likely we will get healthier.  Since the products are natural, it does not appear that there are any significant conflicts with medications, but we have not done a complete research in that area yet.  We have personally discovered that there are no current conflicts with some blood pressure medications, and it does not appear to interact with any asthma medications.  I tend to be very sensitive to various natural products, and will develop allergic reactions quickly.  To date (a day and a half into taking StemEnhance) there are no allergic reactions of any type and my energy levels are increasing.

This stem cell enhancer is designed to help the adult stem cells that are already in your bone marrow to be naturally released into your blood stream to assist your body in staying healthy and possible healing of various parts of your body.  As you probably know, stem cells are essentially the ‘master cell’ that can replicate into whatever cell the body needs.  These stem cells are naturally produced in our bone marrow, this product just aids in allowing the natural release of those adult stem cells into your own bloodstream.  It is thought that increasing the number of circulating adult stem cells is probably the single most important thing you can do to maintain optimal health.

If you think about it, your adult stem cells will replicate into whatever cell it needs to in your body.  As you age, you are probably aware that not all cells are replicated properly.  By allowing more stem cells to be released into your bloodstream, you are increasing the chance of good cell replication.  In a double-blind study published in “Cardiovascular Revascularization Medicine” (Aug-Sept 2007), taking 2 capsules of StemEnhance supported an average 25% increase in the number of naturally released adult stem cells.  This then allows the body to use those adult stem cells if there is an area that need repair (tissue or organ or muscle). 

We can discuss this new product more in future blogs.  In the meantime, please visit our site, www.hawgwash.stemtechbiz.com for more specific information or if you would like to get involved in this cutting edge technology.  (this site has not yet been added to our www.hawgwash.net site just because it is so new.  We are creating new pages as the weekend progresses)

We would love to hear your thoughts or comments on this new concept.  Talk to you next week…