New Business Oportunity

11 12 2009


We have found a new Business Opportunity that looks to really be on the cutting edge of technology.  As you have seen in our Income Opportunities we have in our arsenal, we have begun to expand in the Health/Nutrition area.  Last week we located a new nutritional that compliments our existing lines, these are Stem Cell nutritionals, designed to enhance adult stem cell release into the blood stream. 

We found out about this break through concept from a friend of ours who is very active in cutting-edge nutritionals.  This product is composed of natural botanicals.  What this main ingredient (Aphanizomenon flos-aquae), an aquatic botanical, does is allow the body to release more of its adult stem cells out of the bone marrow to help heal and renew the body.  We have been researching this item for almost a month before we decided to get involved. 

As we have discussed in prior blogs, it is important to do research into the business opportunity you are interested in before making a time and/or money investment.  We are all well aware of all the business opportunities out there that do not produce the results promoted, not make the money promised.  So we spent the last several weeks asking people (friends, experts, neighbors) their opinion of the products and if it looks like a viable opportunity.   Based on all that we could uncover, this really does appear to be the first-ever stem cell enhancer.  There are medical research papers on their website that appear to be very informative, it just takes time to read through them (especially if you do not have a medical degree).

At this point, after our research, we decided to get involved, the worst case scenario is that we would personally consume the products, and be none the worse for wear.  Most likely we will get healthier.  Since the products are natural, it does not appear that there are any significant conflicts with medications, but we have not done a complete research in that area yet.  We have personally discovered that there are no current conflicts with some blood pressure medications, and it does not appear to interact with any asthma medications.  I tend to be very sensitive to various natural products, and will develop allergic reactions quickly.  To date (a day and a half into taking StemEnhance) there are no allergic reactions of any type and my energy levels are increasing.

This stem cell enhancer is designed to help the adult stem cells that are already in your bone marrow to be naturally released into your blood stream to assist your body in staying healthy and possible healing of various parts of your body.  As you probably know, stem cells are essentially the ‘master cell’ that can replicate into whatever cell the body needs.  These stem cells are naturally produced in our bone marrow, this product just aids in allowing the natural release of those adult stem cells into your own bloodstream.  It is thought that increasing the number of circulating adult stem cells is probably the single most important thing you can do to maintain optimal health.

If you think about it, your adult stem cells will replicate into whatever cell it needs to in your body.  As you age, you are probably aware that not all cells are replicated properly.  By allowing more stem cells to be released into your bloodstream, you are increasing the chance of good cell replication.  In a double-blind study published in “Cardiovascular Revascularization Medicine” (Aug-Sept 2007), taking 2 capsules of StemEnhance supported an average 25% increase in the number of naturally released adult stem cells.  This then allows the body to use those adult stem cells if there is an area that need repair (tissue or organ or muscle). 

We can discuss this new product more in future blogs.  In the meantime, please visit our site, for more specific information or if you would like to get involved in this cutting edge technology.  (this site has not yet been added to our site just because it is so new.  We are creating new pages as the weekend progresses)

We would love to hear your thoughts or comments on this new concept.  Talk to you next week…

Second Income Opportunity – Advertising

7 11 2009

As I have talked about in my other postings, advertising is extremely important in business.  If you have started a business for earning a second income, you need to let people know that you are in business.  We have talked about word-of-mouth advertising, newspaper advertising, doing local shows and events, handing out flyers, etc.  Today I am going to discuss on-line advertising, focusing on one company in particular that can pay you to advertise your business.

On-line advertising can get expensive, depending on what you do and how you do it.  There are ads that include pay-per-click, on-line yellow pages, Google Ad Words and paying for increased rankings on the search engines. 

All of these options cost some kind of money and hopefully the sales you make will off-set the money spent advertising.  The pay-per-click have budget limits which you set, which can be good, unless you get someone who just goes crazy clicking on your ad and using up your spending budget for that particular time period.  Even getting the pay-per-click, you are not guaranteed that someone will purchase from you. 

We have discovered another option within internet advertising.  This company is called AdZoneSavings and can actually pay you to advertise your business.  That is a completely different approach.  Every good business person is always looking for ways to recession proof their business and for that additional income stream to integrate seamlessly into their existing business.  These same business people are expecting a decent response from their advertising and increasing their return on investment.  With AdZoneSavings, you get your advertising, and if you get other businesses to advertise, your business will get money. 

The neat thing about this system, is that you don’t have to go out and really push this new income opportunity.  People are going to see your ad, and ask what you have done to get involved in it.  As people sign up to advertise, you have the potential to have your monthly advertising paid for, and even make money.  There is no contract to sign with AdZoneSavings and there is no set period of time that you have to run your ad. 

Each month that you advertise with AdZoneSavings you receive a Full Color ad in their network of advertisers, 500 Full Color Flyers (5.5 x 8.5), enrollment as an independent representative, an on-line virtual office to monitor your business and your own website to market your AdZone business. 

The advertising for the Network of Advertisers is done by sending thousands of e-mails to prospects and subscribers monthly.  The e-mails are purchased from vendor lists that sell double opt-in subscribers and e-mails provided by all of the advertisers in the Network.  The e-mailing occurs twice a month, on the first and the 15th of each month.  Since November 2009 is the first launch, the initial e-mail blast will go out on November 10th, and the next mailing will be November 23rd. 

The flexibility provided by AdZone is better than other sites I have seen, the ads are crisp and clean and your site information is well placed.  You also have the ability to change your ad monthly and get revised flyers monthly.  If you are interested in more information on this income opportunity, please feel free to contact us at or check out our website, or

Hawgwash and Waterless Technology

16 10 2009

Last week we discussed one of our business opportunities, Pre-Paid Legal.  We briefly reviewed what Pre-Paid Legal can offer to individuals, families and small businesses.  Today we are going to review another business opportunity offered by Hawgwash, LLC, Waterless Technology.

Our Waterless Technologyproducts are items that you can use to clean your car, boat, RV, motorcycle, airplane without using additional water.  With the products we offer, you spray the product onto your vehicle (and the dirt), work the product onto the vehicle, and then wipe it off.  This process, even though you may think it will just push the dirt around, actually cleans, seals and protects your vehicle’s finish without scratching. 

We carry waterless wash products from two different companies in order to provide our customers with choices, but only offer one of those companies, UltraLuster, as an income opportunity.  With UltraLuster, we highly recommend that you personally use all of the products they offer, otherwise, how can you effectively talk to perspective customers?  If you don’t have first-hand knowledge of what the products can and cannot do, you are not going to give your customer any confidence that the products truly do work. 

Along with knowing how to use the products, for these items in particular, we recommend that you keep some product on hand for people who want to have the item NOW, not tomorrow or next week.  Once they see you cleaning your vehicle with the UltraLuster products, those customers are going to get excited and want the products immediately.  If they have to wait a week, that enthusiasm you generated will most likely have worn off and they may not try the product that they purchased and question why they purchased the product.  We have become an immediate gratification society, if people can’t purchase what they want NOW, they probably won’t purchase it or they will go somewhere else to get it NOW. 

Going back to my “don’t sell them what they don’t want” stance, you don’t want them to make a purchase they won’t like, and you want them happy about their purchase.  If you can give the customer the product NOW, show them how to use it NOW, they can go home and do what they were shown, NOW.  If they wait a week or more, it is highly likely that they will have forgotten what was said, forgotten how to apply the product and become frustrated because the product isn’t working the way they thought they remembered. 

If you cannot purchase extra product now, another option is to sell sample sizes to customers in anticipation of their full-sized product delivery.  This way they can use the product now and then when the full-sized product arrives in the mail, the customers are excited again about receiving the refill for their sample bottle. 

What I just reviewed was our direct selling model for the Waterless Technology products.  There is also another way to earn money with UltraLuster, and that is by signing up other distributors who do what you are doing.  These other distributors can be people who live around you, or people who you know in another part of the country.  Once you get other distributors set up and selling UltraLuster, you earn a second income from the purchases of product through the company.  You do not take any money from the distributors you set up.  If they make a killing in direct sales, good for them, you do not get any additional commissions on their extra earnings.  You get commissioned on the waterless technology items they purchase directly from UltraLuster.  This is your passive income, you are not physically working, yet income is starting to roll in. 

If you are interested in finding out more on either our retail sales end of UltraLuster, or what the benefit of becoming a distributor of UltraLuster would be, please contact us a or check out our website at

And I Want a Second Income…Why?

31 08 2009

The nice thing about a second income is that you can start it as a hobby and then have the potential of turning it into much more.  When you first start, you do not want to quit your day (regular) job.  Just like anything important, profit does not necessarily follow immediately.  You need to build a good business foundation, a solid reputation, before big profits come your way. 

You will also need to anticipate that this new business will take a lot of work up front.  Don’t let it interfere with your regular job, but you will need to dedicate more than a few minutes a week to your new project.  Your current job wasn’t too easy the first time you started that, so don’t expect this second income opportunity will be any different. 

Realistically, if you spend about 4-5 hours a week in this new endeover, you will start reaping rewards fairly quickly.  To put 4-5 hours a week in perspective, watch perhaps one hour less of TV a night and dedicate that hour to your new business opportunity.  If you are part of a family, you might want to get the whole family involved in this new project, they may take your idea and really run with it.

The most important thing to think about once you get started is to stay focused.  You do not want to spend one week on one project, only to discard it for another project in the following week.  Stay focused on the project at hand.  If you do not see rapid results, that may not be bad.  Rapid results may not occur for several reasons, it may not be something you are doing wrong, it may not even be the wrong project.  Be patient before you think this particular opportunity is not going to work.  Be honest about hoo much time you put into the project before discarding it for something else.  Sometime projects need time to grow, like all living things.  There is an embryonic stage, a birthing stage, a youth stage, adulthood and then twilight stage. 

In the next posting, we will review the various stages of a new business opportunity.  If you would like to explore other income opportunities, please visit  If you have questions or comments, you are welcome to leave messages here or e-mail me directly at

I Found My Business Opportunity, Now What?

26 08 2009

Once you have found the business opportunity that you are interested in, you can then begin to build your customer base in that particular field.  If you have discovered the opportunity that you are personally passionate about, I believe the process of building your customer base becomes easier.

When you are passionate on a subject, you find that you are more willing to discuss it with others.  You don’t want to talk too much about your topic and behave like a used-car salesman.  You want to discuss your new-found income stream like you would discuss the last football game you saw, or a NASCAR race you saw.  You want to be interesting to people when you talk about your business opportunity, but you do not want to discuss it ad nausium.  You want to inspire interest and curioisity in your new business opportunity, not make people turn away. 

People are always interested in other ways of making money.  Money is a good motivator, but you need to be sure there is substance behind the income opportunity.  This is important because there will be times the money does not roll in as freely as you would like.  It is during those times that you truly begin building your business and discovering what you are really passionate about. 

The income opportunity should provide some type of service for your customers or fill a need.  You cannot sell them what they don’t want or need.  A really good salesperson can sell a person something they don’t need, but in the long run that customer will probably not come back to do any more business with you since they did not receive what they needed the first time.  This is the beginning of relationship building.

Relationship building is very important in building your business.  If you do not build a strong relationship with your customers, what will cause them to wish to come back with repeat business or to provide referrals for you?   It is very important to be sure you put your customer’s needs first, before your need to earn that additional income.  It is important that your customers trust you.  Once they learn that you will only provide them what they need or that you have anticipated what they need, you will find them more willing to come back to you for other items as time progresses. 

Happy customers will provide you with repeat business and are a wonderful source of referrals.  They will spread the word about your  business opportunity faster and more effectively than if you placed an and in the local newspaper.  You are now on your way towards financial freedom

If you have specific questions regarding this blog, please feel free to comment here or e-mail us a  If you are interested in locating a business opportunity that may suit your needs, please see

How to find a Second Income

24 08 2009

Now that you have decided you would like to include a  second income to your portfolio the big question is, how do I begin?  What business opportunity do I go with?  How do I know what will work for me? 

In order to start off properly, I recommend that you first take a personal inventory.  What do you really like to do in your down time?  What are your passions?  What are you good at that you enjoy doing?  Keep in mind, as you go through this exercise, you may end up finding something that had not even occurred to you originally.  The important thing is to keep an open mind while going through your personal inventory.  If possible, get a close friend involved.  They tend to see things you do that you may not be aware of.  They are a great resource when it comes to finding out what you may or may not be good at. 

A great example of friends pointing out stregnths that you never knew you had:  I used to be in Finance / Accounting.  At the time I would have considered myself a very bad candidate for a commissioned sales position.  Luckily I had a close friend who pointed out that I was a good sales person when I was passionate about what it was I sold.  Now I am in business for myself, traveling to various shows around the country and selling to people.  I would not have even considered this route had my friends not pointed it out to me.  

When I was in Finance, I saw the sales staff were largely motivated specifically by the money, but what I observed is the really good commission sales staff were motivated by more than money, they had passion.  Money is a great motivator, but there is more in life to just making money.  I suspect that most of us would like to provide some benefit to others while we were earning that extra income.  By helping others to succeed, you yourself will succeed. 

For more inspriation on what type of subject you want to begin your second income stream with, you may want to check out some magazines that are in the grocery store (not the tabloids).  Look inside and see which subjects may catch your eye.  Perhaps do a search on the internet and see what items are out there that interest you and do a little research. 

Searching on the internet is almost like opening an encycleopedia and reading.  You never know what you might find that will interest you.  You may be amazed at the ideas that could be generated by just doing a little research on the internet. 

If you are still stumped about what you want to do to begin generating your additional income stream, please feel free to contact us.  We would love to be able to assist you in finding your perfect niche.  We will also ask you questions to further help you to explore what you really are interested in pursuing.  If you discover a niche that we aren’t personally involved in, it doesn’t mean that we won’t be able to help you to realize your dreams.  (What we won’t be able to do is to get you into Hollywood, or become a Country Western singer, or a top NASCAR driver)  We can help you to find the products and/or services taht would compliment you and your personality.  We would love to be able to help you on your way towards financial freedom

We can be reached through our main website at  You can also e-mail us at

In a few days, we will continue this dicussion on finding a second income. 

Why do YOU want financial freedom?

17 08 2009

A corporate CEO took a young executive from his company out to lunch one day.  This young executive was an up and coming star and the CEO wanted to spend some time with him.  They had a leisurely lunch and then took a drive out of town.

They stopped at a scenic lookout and got out of the car.  Both walked to the edge and the CEO began to talk.  “Young man, can you picture a huge mansion on the piece of land out there?”  “Yes, I can”, was the reply. 

“Can you picture a meadow with horses?” 

“Yes, I can see it”, was the reply. 

“Can you picture the four car garage with nice cars, a swimming pool, spa and tennis courts?”

“Yes, I can see that too”, was his reply.

“Son,” the CEO began, “keep working hard the way you are now and someday…all of that will be mine.”

We will spend a lifetime exchanging time for dollars to build someone else’s dream.  Why not begin to build your own dream?