New Business Article Starting May 10 2011

9 05 2011

Just wanted to let you all know that you have not been forgotten.  Life has been more than a little hectic since prior to April 15th.  Now that I have a better handle on the new and improved crazy schedule, the business articles will once again begin, starting tomorrow, May 10, 2011….

Please stay tuned…

Slightly Different Blog Flavor

4 06 2010

Helping to grow your Home-Based Business

To date, I have been blogging on WordPress since the end of July 2009 and during that time have worked to provide interesting and useful information on how to develop, grow and manage a small home-based business.  After I re-read several of my prior articles, I have come to the realization that many of them sound stilted and may even read like textbooks.  Personally, I am not fond of reading textbooks for fun because many times, they put me to sleep. 

Today I am going to change the flavor of the blog a bit to make it hopefully a little more interesting to read.  I have tried to present material that would be useful for people starting up a small home-based business, but believe that what people may really be looking for is personal experiences and observations on building a home-based business.   I am going to strive to make the articles a little more personal, a little less stilted so that you will enjoy reading a little more.  My goal is to still provide good working information, but in less of a textbook fashion.  My ultimate desire is to help others who may be thinking about starting a home-based business to get started and to help those who are currently working a home-based business.  With luck, my thoughts, insights, experience, problems, issues, etc. will help others to either avoid the same pitfalls or to inspire those who may have been struggling. 

As you all most likely know, writing a blog is a learning experience, so, I am going to strive to create articles that have more “life” in them instead of posting essentially text-book lessons.  Currently, my biggest problem is that it is difficult to write when the subject matter is fairly dry, as in writing about business

Starting up a home-based business can be a very exciting experience.  Frightening, exciting, terrifying, at times you wonder what in the world you thought you were doing, type of experience.  I am going to work on capturing those sensations going forward. 

So, starting this Monday, (actually starting now) you will still be seeing a business type blog, but hopefully something a little more fun to read also. 

Until next time…

Behind on Posting

14 02 2010

I want to apologize for not posting the weekly blog this week.  It has been a nightmare of a week, and the weekend has been even worse.  I do not believe in burdening you with my issues, so once I get my head straightened out (by tomorrow) I will finish the blog that should have posted yesterday.

I just didn’t want you thinking I have abandoned posting a regular weekly blog, this has just been the world’s worst week for writing.  You will have your blog updated by tomorrow, but I felt obligated to let you know that I fell down on the job.  I usually strive towards posting blogs in advance, and getting several weeks done, but this last week, I was not visited by any inspiration and don’t want to waste your time by posting dumb stuff. 

So again, I apologize for the lateness of the blog, and will have the weekly one completed by tomorrow.

Hello world!

29 07 2009

This is my first posting in WordPress.  I am still trying to figure out if there should be two separate blog accounts or should I consolidate all that has been written to date and keep on one blog?  That is something to be explored in future blogs…

If anyone is interested in offering help or suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated

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