Final Key Elements to Advertising Effectiveness

8 03 2011

In the past few weeks we have been discussing the 7 Key Elements to Expand your Advertising Effectiveness.  We discussed 5 of the 7 key elements:  providing the main idea; admitting to your limitations; expand on the key idea and make it exclusive; show your track record and prove your credentials; and explain your motivation for making this special and exclusive offer.

This week we are going to conclude the discussion of the 7 Key Elements to Expand your Advertising Effectiveness with the last two elements:  address your competitors claims and to present your specific offer.

It is critical to be sure you are aware of the claims your competitors are making regarding their similar products or services.  Take time to discover specifically what their sales arguments are and how they present their arguments.  You may want to research their claims and identify any errors in logic they may have “glossed over”.  Be careful though, not to openly criticize or ridicule them.  Be sure that any counter-claim you use or identify can be backed with proof.  You also do not want to make your criticism of your competitor’s product seem to be criticism.  You want to present the appearance of objectivity, as if you were a customer weighing the differences between your products and services and those of your competition.

You want to be able to demonstrate how your approach to solving your customer’s problems is superior to all others.  Be sure to prove to your perspective customer that with their specific business situation, yours is the best alternative (again without obviously attacking your competition – customers will be nervous if you conduct an obvious tirade or attack against your competition).  Compare and contrast the benefits you can provide with your competition.  With that you will be helping your customers to develop a list of questions that they can then go and ask the competition.  Odds are that your competitors will not be prepared or willing to answer those questions, which will further strengthen your position with the customer.

Lastly, you want to clearly present your offer.  Outline in detail the steps that your customer needs to take in order to obtain this limited offer.  It is here that you will summarize all of the positive benefits if they opt for your solution.  You may also want to briefly re-iterate the worst case scenarios if they do not go for your offer.

Hopefully you will find these 7 Key Elements to Expanding your Advertising Effectiveness useful for your business.  If you are able to utilize even some of these elements effectively, you may find that your small business will grow faster than anticipated.

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