3 More Key Elements to Expanding your Advertising Effectiveness

22 02 2011

Last week we started a new discussion on 7 Key Elements to Expand your Advertising Effectiveness.  We discussed the first two elements, providing the main idea and admitting to your limitations.  This week we are going to continue with three more key elements to expand your advertising effectiveness.

You will find, as you work with your customers, that as they trust that you have their best interests at heart, they will spend more with you over time than they would have if you required them to make a large, one-time purchase.  Each time you offer a step-up program, you are allowing them to test what you say to be true and you are providing them with a level of security, knowing that they can back out if you do not provide what you promised.

Once you have your customers starting to make larger and larger purchases through your company, the third key element to expanding your advertising effectiveness is to make your big idea (the first key element) exclusive.  Identify your unique competitive advantage and let your customer know that if they take advantage of what you have to offer, then there is a good chance they will have a leg up on their competition.   Let your potential customers know that this offer is not provided to anyone, but only to a select few, who really see the benefit with your offerings.

Are your customers the savvy business people you expect them to be?  Have they tried to overcome their particular challenge and failed in the past?  Keep your customer focused on what they gain if they are successful in utilizing what you are offering.  Be sure to keep them aware of what may befall their business if they do not continue on the planned route.  Are their competitors nipping at their heels and they can’t seem to get ahead?  Reiterate what your solution can do for them, and your solution may not be available to their competition.  Also be sure to emphasize that you would only wish to work with them if you can show positive results.  You are in this business together; you need them to want to win as much as you wish to win.

Now that you have your prospect’s attention, the fourth key element is to demonstrate that you have the credentials to back up the claims you have made thus far.  Provide solid reasons for why you are qualified and back those reasons up with testimonials from others that you have helped.  This is where it is important to be factual, and provide solid, verifiable numbers that prove you can do what you claim you can do.

Remind your prospective customer of the years of management experience or industry experience you are offering to them.  Point out the number of very satisfied and exclusive customers.  If you have any specific case studies, or examples, this is where you would include that information, again, being careful to not divulge too much specific information on your current, active customers.

The fifth key element to expanding your advertising effectiveness is to identify your motivations for making such an incredible offer.  By now your customers are wondering why you are offering such a good deal.  They will want to be sure you are going to provide real value for their money and time spent.  Your customers will also need to be reminded why your offer is better and will help them more than any other offers made by your competitors.

You should reassert that your offer is exclusive, and only certain customers will qualify for your product or services.  You want them to know that this is more of a partnership, and not just a one-time business deal.  If you help them to explosive growth, you both will win.  The key is to be sure your potential customer knows that this is either a limited-time offer or that this offer is only open to the very few qualified customers.  By reminding your prospects of the exclusivity of the offer, you re ultimately reassuring them that your services will not be available to virtually everyone on the planet.

Next week we will finish this series on the 7 Key Elements to Expand your Advertising Effectiveness.

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22 02 2011
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