2 Key Elements to Expand your Advertising Effectiveness

15 02 2011

This week we are starting a brief series on 7 Key Elements to expand your Advertising Effectiveness.  In prior posts we have discussed methods to advertise your business, and how to reach customers.  In this series we are going to review some of the basic advertising tenants and expand upon them so that you can improve your advertising effectiveness.

At some point in time, all successful businesses must ask, how do I reach out to customers?  How do I inspire customers to purchase my products or obtain my services?  Advertising has been the method to reach customers that may never have been exposed to your offering in the past.  Even if these potential customers have seen your products, effective advertising is what will draw the customers to you instead of you going to them.

The most effective advertising will be that which will cause the potential customers to come to you with their questions and/or problems.  If you try to aggressively advertise to the customer base, odds are, you will scare off far more customers than you would entice to try your products.  The key it to identify a strong advertising campaign that will increase your sales without frightening potential buyers away.  It is more effective to disguise your advertising campaign in ways that do not look like a “pitch” to the customers.

A full attack on new customers may sound good at first pass, but it will cause more people to turn away than turn towards your product offering.  The key is to offer a potential solution to potential problem your customer may have, without telling your potential customer that your product is what they need.   Tell the customers what you “know” they need and you will most likely lose them in a heartbeat.  Beat around the bush too much about everything else except your offering and you will lose your new customers just as fast.

The first key element you should include to expand your advertising effectiveness is to provide the grand idea to your prospective client base.  You need to introduce a large, compelling concept that will help solve the most common problem the majority of your customers have.  Based on the market niche you are in, there is most definitely a common problem that all customers in that niche grapple with on a daily basis.  Your grand idea should be encapsulated in the first line of your marketing promotion.

Very briefly introduce your company, and be sure to identify your company as the most effective solution to the client’s most pressing problem.   Quickly and specifically explain what you have that will assist your customer in solving their most pressing problem.

The second key element to expanding your advertising effectiveness is to be sure to admit to your limitations.  You may have the best thing for solving that problem, but be sure to note that you are not the “be-all – end-all” solution.  You cannot promise that your products or services will work for them, every time.  Be sure to be honest about what you can an cannot do.  It is very important to under-promise and over-deliver.  Clearly explain that your option will solve specific problems that you outlined originally, but be sure to let your customers know that this is not the solution that will solve world hunger and strife.

You want your new customers to know, trust and like you.  In keeping with that expectation, be sure to be honest with your customers.  You are not selling snake oil, you are offering them a great solution to a big problem of theirs.  Provide your offer in increments.  If they like the first portion of your products, then, logically, they will want to invest in the next step up of your services.  This way, your customers can feel comfortable about testing your product out before making a very large, one-time purchase.

You will find, as you work with your customers, that as they trust that you have their best interests at heart, they will spend more with you over time than they would have if you required them to make a large, one-time purchase.  Each time you offer a step-up program, you are allowing them to test what you say to be true and you are providing them with a level of security, knowing that they can back out if you do not provide what you promised.

Once you have your customers starting to make larger and larger purchases through your company, the third key element to expanding your advertising effectiveness is to make your big idea (the first key element) exclusive.  Identify your unique competitive advantage and let your customer know that if they take advantage of what you have to offer, then there is a good chance they will have a leg up on their competition.   Let your potential customers know that this offer is not provided to anyone, but only to a select few, who really see the benefit with your offerings.

Are your customers the savvy business people you expect them to be?  Have they tried to overcome their particular challenge and failed in the past?  Keep your customer focused on what they gain if they are successful in utilizing what you are offering.  Be sure to keep them aware of what may befall their business if they do not continue on the planned route.  Are their competitors nipping at their heels and they can’t seem to get ahead?  Reiterate what your solution can do for them, that may not be available to their competition.

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1 03 2011

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