3 Tips for more business success

7 12 2010

This week we are going to discuss 3 tips for more business success.   In order to stay in business, you need to strive to make your business continuously successful.  This quote from Jim Rohn sums up business success nicely:

“Success is neither magical or mysterious.  Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying basic fundamentals.”

One key to success

All people in business are sales people.  Whether or not we have a tangible item to sell, we are all selling something in order to gain something (money…usually..).   The key is to be able to “sell” to your customer base without them feeling that you are selling them anything.  Since people can’t really control their feelings, it is important that you are able to get them to feel like they NEED your products or services.  The key to helping your customers feel like they need your products is to provide them service and information that your competitors do not offer.

To build a good rapport with your customers online, it is beneficial to provide a good story about your products.  Do not just list the benefits of your products and services, everybody and their uncle does that.  Offer a story that is real, but more importantly, feels real to your customers.  Be sure the story about your products is something that people can understand and relate to.  Be friendly, do not talk to your audience, tell them a story as if you are sitting across from them in a small room. 

By offering compelling stories about your products, customers will tend to stay on your site longer and will come back to visit more often.  They will also refer your site to others, so that they too can read the enjoyable stories on your site.  Your stories should not just provide some enjoyment, but compel the readers to spend more time on your site and to want to purchase your products and services.

In order to allow your customers to feel comfortable with you as a business person, do you provide easy access to your competition?  When you are comparing your products to the competition, do you provide your competitor’s website, just so your readers can go make the comparisons on their own too?  Odds are, if you do this, your customers will not choose to go elsewhere because you are appearing forthright about your comparisons.  If you are confident enough about your products to compare them clearly to the competition, then there must be some legitimacy to your assertions.  If you are not comfortable listing your competition, what changes do you think you need to make to your information so that you are confident your readers will almost always choose your products over those of the competition?

A second point to review is how you are educating your prospects.  Do you just provide the basic facts and figures about your products and services?  Are you answering the same questions your competition is answering, in the same manner?  Is there a better way to educate your readers or perhaps, are you taking some of their knowledge for granted?  For instance, if you are offering a waterless car wash system, are you assuming that your prospects already know about cleaning their vehicles without water?  Do you explain why you do NOT want to use water on your vehicle?  Do you offer examples of what other paint professionals feel about using water on vehicles?  Take a different approach when explaining the why’s and wherefore’s about your product.  It is an easy mistake to assume that your customers know as much about your products as you do, but odds are, they have no clue.  Take that into account when explaining why your products are needed and superior to the competition.

Thirdly, what dull or boring aspects of your products and services can you ‘jazz’ up?  Don’t lie about some of the dull information, but try to find a more interesting way to explain the “boring” stuff.  Yeah, cleaning your car without water is cool, but did you see the SHINE on the car after using the waterless product?  Perhaps relay how astonished your customers are with the absolute quality of your products or services.  Allow their excitement to be injected into the supposedly “dull” explanation of your products or services.  If you have excited customers, you will have excited readers wanting to know more…

Next week we will continue offering more tips for your personal business success.  Hopefully you will be able to apply these 3 tips for more business success to your own business.

If you are looking for a second income opportunity and are not sure what you would like to do, please review our website, we may have something that you have not seen before.  Our website is slowly being renovated, so please feel free to come back often and review our modifications.  We always welcome your comments and suggestions.

Until next week…



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