3 More Marketing Tips for Growing Your Business

10 11 2010

Two weeks ago we covered 3 basic marketing tips to help grow your small business.  This week we are going to review 3 more marketing tips for growing your business.  Advertising is important to continue to grow your business, but there is more to advertising than just putting an advertisement in the local paper.  You need to tell your prospective customers not only that you are in business, but you need to let them know that you are uniquely available to fulfill their needs.  That is where marketing comes into play.  Just saying you have what your customers want is not an effective way to reach your target audience.  You need to market to their needs and give them good reason to visit either your store or your website.

When you are writing a marketing piece to be included in an advertisement for your business, try to avoid directly copying other marketing headlines that you have seen before.  If you sound too much like another successful ad campaign, then odds are your target audience will mistake your ad for the one you copied.  If your marketing line is not original, people will not take the time for a second look at what you are offering.  Looking at other marketing pieces is a great idea, but copying the headline and substituting your product will probably not inspire prospective customers to visit you.

A good way to check that your marketing does not sound like all the other ads out there is to spend quality time writing your advertisement, then, before you submit it anywhere, put the ad away for a few days.  After several days, then go back and re-read what you have written and see if it still inspires you to look more closely at what your company has to offer.  Does your ad meet your prospect at the point of their need?  What is your most compelling topic?  Is there a way you can make a compelling point in your first line, so that your customer will find it almost impossible to stop reading your ad?  Incorporating some of these points into your ad, will possibly drive more business your way and help you to continue to grow your small business.

Another marketing tip is to be sure to make your marketing point right up front in your advertisement.  You do not want to force your prospective customer to read through paragraphs of your ad before they find the point of your advertisement.  The key here is to make a compelling argument in the first line of your ad that will answer SOME of your market’s questions and inspire them to WANT to read the rest of your ad.  You want to pique their interest, knowing that you already may have something that will meet their needs.  They will then continue reading to see if you will have more items that continue to meet their needs.  Get to the point, do not make your customers search for the point of your ad.  Give them enough, but not too much information.  Make them curious, don’t over-burden them with superfluous information.

Lastly, don’t leave your target market out of the conversation of your ad.  This goes back to not giving your market too much information.  You may have all the latest technical specifications or information on your product, but do not include that in your advertisement.  You do not want to sound like a textbook.  If your customers are interested in all the nitty-gritty details, point them to where that can be found, do not include it in your initial marketing piece.  If you include ALL of the details in your ad, you will most likely lose more customers than you will gain.  They may use your marketing piece as a tool to go to sleep instead of sending them to you.  Don’t discuss statistics, talk as if you are talking directly to one person, the person reading your ad.  Make them feel like you are in the room with them explaining why you will meet their needs.   This will help you build a rapport with your target market and will most likely help drive more customers to your small business.

You now have 3 more marketing tips for growing your business.  Hopefully you will be able to use some or all of these marketing tips in your next sales copy to help drive more customers to your business.  If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.

If you are looking for a second income or a home based business opportunity, perhaps we have something that would interest you.  We have several business opportunities ranging from Stem Cell nutrition, to Pre-Paid Legal Services, nutritional juice drinks to, to waterless vehicle detailing.  Please feel free to ask us about some of our business opportunities, we may have something that would work well for you.

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10 11 2010
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