How do I Start a Business?

14 06 2010

Last week we briefly talked about what in the world I was thinking when I wanted to start a business?  Starting a business can be a frightening, exciting, terrifying, fun experience.  I would like to think that starting a business is like riding a roller coaster.  You want to do it, then when you get to the front of the line, just about stepping into the actual roller coaster car, you begin to wonder what in the world you were thinking.  Are you crazy to start a business?  What is wrong with your current job, really?  Why do you want to experience all the stress in starting a business? 

Then you get into the roller coaster and it starts the initial climb up that first, really big hill.  That is when your heart starts racing with anticipation, excitement and fear.  That is exactly what it feels like when you find an opportunity that you want to build into a personal business.  You are thrilled about finding the business opportunity that fits your passion, it looks good on paper, and there is a potential to making some really good money.  Now the million dollar question is, what do I do to start a business?  How do I start a business?

What I did was to find someone who was willing to allow me to work with them before I invested any money into the opportunity.  By finding someone who was willing to do that, in my eyes, means that the opportunity has to be pretty good… and more importantly, legitimate.  Remember, I was still working my regular job, working about 60+ hours a week.  My frustration with my current situation was that I had minimal upward mobility, I was limited by my bosses, and it was difficult to earn more money even if I put in the extra hours of work.  Salaried workers can work 30 hours or 60 hours and earn the exact same amount at the end of the week.  I was already working insane hours and not getting the additional compensation, despite the prior promises of increases.  Frankly, I was tired of empty promises and wanted to change those extra hours of work into something that would benefit me financially.  So, time to start looking into starting a business.

I started working with someone who had what appeared (again, looks can be deceiving, so I wasn’t about to believe everything I was told) to be a thriving Waterless Wash business.  He would attend various motorcycle shows over the weekends and detail cars, trucks, boats, RV’s and motorcycles during the week.  Since I worked during the week, I had little opportunity to observe his detailing operation, but I did make it a point to attend the various rallies and shows he attended over the weekends.  At the shows, I had the opportunity to find out how much it cost him to get a booth space, observe the other costs involved in operating the booth, and then observe how he sold products and services to the people attending the events.

I attended as many rallies as was possible in 6 months while working my regular job.  You can bet I was getting very tired because I had very little time to rest between the regular work and my attending the weekend events.  The good news is that weekend events do not occur every weekend, so I did have a few weeks off.  The next question about this particular opportunity was, can you make a living doing this.  I could see that the shows were generally profitable, on several occasions, very profitable, but could I make the money I was currently earning by selling Waterless Cleaning Technology

Lets see what happens next week…



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14 06 2010
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14 06 2010

the key is to just gett started.


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