Reacting vs Responding – Part 2

13 03 2010

Last week we opened the discussion with the difference between reacting and responding.  This week we will continue this discussion and how to learn to respond instead of react to stressful business situations.  We left off last week talking about if you are in a bad business situation not to react but to thoughtfully respond.

Keep in mind that the business decisions you may not be able to do now may be able to be completed in a year or so from now.  You should take a good hard look at what you are doing and be sure that your objectives and goals will work with the current economic situation.  If it looks like your decisions may not work now, can you defer them for a bit?  Is there an alternative decision that can be made that would achieve the same result, even if it may take a little more time?  The key here is to learn to respond to business challenges, not to react to business challenges.  Reacting to a problem may fix the immediate situation, but may not put your business in a good position for the future.  You need to be able to step back from your business and look at as many different angles as possible when presented with a challenge.  By toughening yourself up, you are preparing to respond to anything that life has thrown in your way, you don’t react.  Reacting is necessary in a life-or-death situation, but it is not required in business decisions.  You should take the time to think through decisions, take the time to ask the tough questions, and try to find alternative paths before committing to a business decision.  Reacting may cause you to just go for the immediate fix, which may bite you in the butt down the road.  Not all reactions are bad, but it is always better to take your time and calmly review the situation before jumping.

Your reactions to situations may be based on your prior experience and observations of an event.  If you see something occur in your business that you have seen happen in prior businesses, your first reaction is that ‘you have been down this road before’ and based on your past experiences, you reaction and subsequent decision may not be in the best interest of your current business.  Just because you have experienced a similar situation in the past, does not mean that the same decision is called for in the current situation.  The key is to respond to the current situation, analyse it, do not take the situation personally and make a decision based on current facts. 

You do want to rely on your past history and experiences in order to grow your current business, but you need to methodically think things through.  When times get tough, you may become agitated, but harness that fear or agitation and turn it into something constructive.  Once you understand what is making you uncomfortable, you are now in a position to solve the problem instead of just reacting to the problem.  If your business starts to encounter financial difficulties, you do not want to get angry and blame the banks for not lending you money.  That anger and blame will not cause the banks to lend you the funds you need.  What you should do is harness that anger, and begin looking for alternative methods of raising the funds you need.  The money is out there, the key is finding out where it is and then using it.  By redirecting your anger and frustration into something constructive, you are responding to the financial crunch instead of reacting to it.  You will find that people will respond more positively towards you if you do not get as excitable. 

Even when things may look very bad for your existing business, you need to keep a positive attitude.  By remaining positive, I am not talking about being unreasonably happy, but positive, you will find that people will be drawn to you and opportunities will open up that you would have never expected.  Being positive is not just laughing and smiling, but is intended to have an upbeat attitude overall.  You react to a bad situation by being angry, you can respond by being upset, but then taking a deep breath and deciding to do something positive to change the situation. 

By learning to decide to respond instead of react, you will find that your business outlook will improve and most likely your health will also improve.  You need to always keep an eye out for opportunities, and responding to situations will allow you to keep your eyes open to those new and possibly great opportunities.   When in doubt about a decision, choose to ask another person in the profession that you are in for their advice and opinion.  Once you receive their advice, do not dismiss it out of hand, but honestly look at it and then decide if it is useful for your particular situation.   If that valued professional gave you a negative opinion, do not react by ignoring the opinion, but look at it and compare it with your experiences.  You may then decide to ignore the opinion, but at least you would be ignoring it based on a response, not a reaction.  In order for your business to succeed, you need to take extreme emotions and reactions out of your decision-making processes.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them here or e-mail us at  You can also view some of our business opportunities on our website.  We are available to answer any of your questions or help you to grow your business.

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20 03 2010

I enjoy reading this page, I usually find out random new facts.
Emily R. from Husky Training

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