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21 02 2010

Some MonaVie Products

MonaVie Product Line

This is the blog that was supposed to be posted earlier, but due to circumstances beyond my control (life just got in the way) I am finishing the posting tonight.  This week we will discuss how MonaVie works to help you stay healthy. 

Antioxidants prevent free radicals from potentially damaging millions of healthy cells.  Experts agree that a diet rich in a variety of antioxidants helps fight the visible signs of aging and is essential to maintaining your good health.  There has been quite a lot of news on antioxidants lately, and many products claim to have antioxidants in them.  The key is to have enough antioxidants to help reduce the quantity of free radicals in your system.  (Free radicals are not bad people, they are atoms with at least one unpaired electron.  In excess, free radicals can produce harmful oxidation that can damage cell membranes, accelerate aging and lead to other ailments).  It is not just what you consume that can cause free radicals, the pollution from the air we breath, tobacco smoke, alcohol, stress, lack of sleep and poor diet are among other factors that increase free radicals in your body.

MonaVie provides products that feature a wonderful blend of the Brazilian Acai berry and at least 18 other fruits from around the world.  This combination of Acai and other fruits provide strong antioxidant properties along with phytonutrients, essential fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, complex carbohydrates and dietary fiber.   As you may know, MonaVie has several different product combinations to suit a variety of tastes and personal needs.  

MonaVie Original provides general nutrition and antioxidant nutrition for your body.  The drink is packed with nutrition and has a low glycemic index.  There are also high levels of phytoutrients found in the fruits that help maintain and promote good health.  Four ounces of MonaVie Original delivers the equivalent antioxidant capacity of approximately 13 servings of fruits and vegetables. 

MonaVie Active also includes the Acai berry and a blend of 18 different fruits from around the world.  What Active provides is additional nutrition for joint health.  This formula contains plant derived glucosamine to promote healthy joint function.  MonaVie Pulse was released late last year and is another blend of MonaVie, but this has an emphasis on heart health.  This formula promotes the cardiovascular system and helps maintain existing healthy cholesterol levels.  Pulse is  a fusion of important heart healthy ingredients with boundless benefits towards optimal health.  The Pulse has a blend of 19 fruits. 

Mid-year last year, MonaVie introduced Emv which is their answer to the energy drink craze.  What makes MonaVie E so original is that it contains 80% juice and no artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners or preservatives.   This 8.4 fluid ounce drink can give you the boost of energy you need, without the associated jitters or crash.

The latest in the MonaVie lineup is the (M)mun that was just introduced in January of this year.  (M)mun is designed to promote immune health.  It too is comprised of 19 key fruits, some of those are not in the other MonaVie Juices.  This drink improves the activities of white blood cells. 

MonaVie is designed to keep your current and existing cells healthy and to maintain your overall health.  If you have any questions regarding the MonaVie product line, or which MonaVie product may be for you, please feel free to e-mail us at or leave a comment.  More information on the various MonaVie products can be found on our website .

Next week we will discuss how MonaVie and StemEnhance can work together to provide you optimal health.



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10 06 2010

i see your blog this very nice.i like monavie juice

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