Stem Cell Nutrition and Health

6 02 2010

This week we are going to review Stem Cell Nutrition and it’s relationship to helping your body to naturally stay healthy.   You have probably heard about stem cell research, in particular with regard to embryonic stem cell research.  What we are going to talk about this week is adult stem cells, not embryonic stem cells.  Click here if you would like to view the video.

Adult stem cells are cells which are basically immortal because they can multiply endlessly.  They are classified as a primitive cell because they are not specialized.  The advantage of adult stem cells being primitive is that they can differentiate into any type of cell in the body.  Adult stem cells can differentiation into the cell type of the tissue in which they migrate, just like embryonic stem cells.  The difference is that the adult stem cells are found naturally in the body’s bone marrow.  Adult stems cells are present from the time you are born. 

Bone marrow stem cells (Adult Stem Cells) constitute the natural renewal system of the body.  Increasing the release of adult stem cells from the bone marrow allows the body to combat aging and promotes greater health

We have a product, StemEnhance, that supports the natural release of stem cells into your circulatory system.  The main ingredient of StemEnhance is Aphanizomeon flos-aquae (AFA) which is a natural aquatic botanical grown in the Pacific Northwest.  It has been found that people using products with AFA have reported less inflammation, increased mental clarity and extra energy along with improved cardiovascular systems, improved liver and pancreatic functions. 

It has been found that by using StemEnhance, there is a natural release of about 25% more adult stem cells from the bone marrow into the circulatory system.  This 25% increase represents approximately 3-4 million new stem cells circulating in the blood.  Optimal health can be related to a higher number of circulating adult stem cells.  The good news is that even though StemEnhance may release more stem cells into your blood, your body still maintains a constant number of stem cells in the bone marrow.  For every adult stem cell naturally released into the blood, a sister stem cell remains in the bone marrow.  If you body does not use the stem cells that are in the blood, they are reabsorbed back into the bone marrow. 

StemEnhance promotes the rebuilding of cells so that you have more rebuilding than aging.  Cells die in the body every day – that is a natural process – so the key is to have a way to rebuild and / or replace the cells that die quickly. 

The advantage of using StemEnhance is to keep up optimal health by supporting the natural release of your own adult stem cells into your circulatory system.  If you are able to stay healthy, naturally, then you will have less need to visit doctors and you will be able to live a more active and full lifestyle. 

If you would like more information on StemEnhance, please feel free to contact me at  If you would like to see some of the scientific studies on StemEnhance or would like more information on stem cell nutrition in general, please visit my website at   If you want to see the StemEnhance Product video, click here.

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7 02 2010
Britney Nutrition

The findings were scheduled to be presented Sunday at the Experimental Biology 2007 meeting in Washington, D.C. Britney Nutrition

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