Part 4 – How to Present Your Business Opportunity

16 01 2010

This is the last part of a 4 part series on presenting your business opportunity in a booth format at various local shows.  Last week we reviewed important aspects of presenting your business opportunity, even if that opportunity didn’t have tangible product for the people to take (Pre-Paid Legal for instance).  This last segment wraps up the basics of a booth presentation for business opportunities that also have products to pick up and purchase.

If you are marketing a business opportunity that has product that can be purchased retail, be sure to have the products on the table for the customers to look at.  Depending on the business, it may be wise to have products for sale on the table, so the customer can try the products before getting involved in the business opportunity.  If you offer a nutritional product, again, you may want to have some retail product on the table, otherwise, have the full line of products (preferably empty bottles) on the table so the customer can get an idea of what is offered.

When you are setting up the display on a booth, it is important to stand in front of your display and look at it as a customer would look at it.  You do not want a lot of clutter on the table, but you want to have enough items on the table to cause a potential customer to come over and look at what you are offering.  We have found the use of color to be helpful.  If your products are basically black and white, place something on the table that is of a bright color.  At some events, when displaying the waterless vehicle wash, we have a model car or a model motorcycle on the table with the products.  It is important that whatever you have on the table relates in some way to the opportunity or products that you are promoting. 

It is important to create an interesting and eye-catching display without being too “showy”.  You want enough on the table that the customer can see what is being offered, but you do not want to put EVERYTHING on the table.  You want the potential customer to become interested and begin asking questions.  Your display needs to be enough to draw people over to take a look, but not too much where they won’t ask questions about what you are offering.  This is a delicate balance you have to work, and it will change from show to show, depending on the demographics you are working to attract.

Once you get the customer to your table, your display must be interesting enough to engage them, and then inspire them to want to talk with you.  We have also found that when answering customer questions, they respond better if you are standing to talk with them, instead of you sitting in a lawn chair answering questions.  If their questions are very detailed, you may want to have a section in your booth to take a customer back, sit them down and review the business opportunity in detail.  An ideal addition to your booth could be either a DVD player or laptop so that you can have an opportunity presentation running.  This is not necessary, especially as you are just beginning, but if you attend some larger events, you may not have the time to repeat the opportunity to many people for hours on end.  Let the DVD do the work for you, have it set on a repeat loop so that the basic opportunity information is presented.  Then, if the customer is serious, you can then get personally involved.  If the customer is interested but does not have the time right now, be sure again to have a guest book or sign in sheet so that the customer can note their interest and you can contact them at a more opportune time. 

If you choose to market your business opportunity to people at various events, you will find that you will develop your own style for setting up your booth.  As you get used to setting up a booth, you will also discover that your display will change as the environment and demographics change.  You will find your style will be refined and as you refine your booth, you will discover more people coming over to see what you are offering.  If you have specific questions on setting up a booth, please feel free to contact us at

If you are interested in getting involved in a business opportunity, please visit our website for ideas and opportunities.  We are always willing to help guide you to the opportunity that will best meet your needs.



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