Part 3 – How to Present Your Business Opportunity

9 01 2010

Last week we talked about some important components of what should be included in a booth presenting your business opportunity along with deciding on the type of show (demographics) that the booth should be set up.  We reviewed that a nice table cover of a complimentary color should be chosen.  We also briefly touched on having paperwork for the customer to review and to take home and to have business cards available for the customers to take.  Today we are going to continue reviewing important items for a booth. 

You should have some type of banner promoting your business opportunity for either putting along the bottom of your table (a table skirt) or along the back of your display.  You are competing with many others for your potential customer’s attention.  People walking through a show will not usually just stop by a table to read what is on it unless there is something there that piques their curiosity.  You do not need to spend a lot of money on a banner, but have something that will inspire people to stop by and see what you are offering.  Something bright and easy to read will help draw people to your booth.

If your business opportunity is of a non-tangible nature (for instance Pre-Paid Legal), be sure to have something for your customers to pick up and take home.  Also, you may want to have a sign-up sheet or guest book on the table so that you can follow-up with the customer a few days after the event took place.  If you are offering something like the Pre-Paid Legal opportunity, there are many marketing materials that they have, you really should have several types of marketing material on your table so that your display would be effective for customers.  You should include some magazines covering the business opportunity and also have CD’s talking about the opportunity.  In your discussions with the customer, find out if they are more comfortable reading a magazine or watching a CD before you hand them the marketing material.  Some people are more responsive listening to a CD rather than reading a magazine. 

Be sure to have enough marketing materials to hand out.  Do not be stingy with the materials, customers will remember that you were not entirely willing to part with the information.  On every piece of paper that you hand out, it is critical that you have your contact information prominently displayed.  You want the customer to easily find your information when they are done reviewing the materials.   You do not want to hand out some of your magazines to everyone, just the people who are genuinely interested, but at the same time, you should not pre-judge the people you are talking to.  Someone who you think would not be interested in your business opportunity may be the best person for the opportunity.  That is why it is still very important to talk to people before shoving paper in their hands.  It is critical to make sure the potential business associate knows what you are doing and the marketing materials you are using are easily duplicatable.  You do not want to make them feel like it is very difficult to present a business opportunity at a show.

By building a rapport or relationship with them before they leave your booth, they will remember you more clearly when reviewing the materials your provided.  Also, by talking with the potential customer before handing them paperwork or CD’s you are able to better determine which item would be more effective for them. 

Next week we will finish the discussion regarding presenting your Business Opportunity in a booth at shows.



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