Part 2 – How to Present Your Business Opportunity

3 01 2010

Two weeks ago we reviewed several methods of presenting your business opportunity.  Once you have tapped your warm market (family, friends and co-workers) you need to expand into the cool and even cold markets.  If you want to work a cold market, there are several ways to access it.  One is by purchasing either a phone or e-mail list and working that.  Another way is by setting up a booth at a local event.  Today we are going to cover some critical elements that are needed for an effective booth at a local event.

If you want to set up a booth to introduce complete strangers to your business opportunity, you first need to identify the demographics you are interested in.  This is important because if you set up a booth in the wrong place, you will find it to be a colossal waste of time.  Hawgwash, LLC offers more high-end business opportunities.  The vehicle care products are not on the same level as the basic washes and waxes you find at Wal-Mart.  The products we offer with UltraLuster are for the discerning customer, therefore, it would not be effective for us to present our UltraLuster business opportunity at the types of swap meets that look a lot like a communal garage sale. 

If we were to set up a booth at a swap meet, it would be at either a high-end car swap meet (where collectors get together for parts) or a motorcycle swap meet.  General swap meets would not be effective for our products.  So, you need to review where your target market is and then find an appropriate event to display your business opportunity.

Some critical parts of your display would be a table on which to hold any paperwork and displays.  This table should have a nice table cover on it, to present a business opportunity, you want your table to start off pleasing to the eye.  Choose a table-cloth or cover that is in complementary colors to the items you have in your display.  When in doubt, choose neutral colors for your table cover.  We choose to make a table cover (which is really simple) where the top of the cover is in vinyl (for all the people who may place wet drinks or spill their drinks) and the sides are made up of a durable cloth.   For beginning displays, start with a basic table-cloth, but do not choose white unless you are going to be indoors.  White will get dirty in a heartbeat when you are outside, and your table will start to look very dingy very quickly.

Once you have decided on a table cover and color, then you need to be sure you have appropriate paperwork and business cards to present to customers.  Depending on the business opportunity you are presenting, you may need to have a table flip-chart out so your potential customer can either flip through by themselves or you can do a quick presentation for them using the table-top flip chart.  You should also have a brochure about the business opportunity that the customer can take away and review in the comfort of their home.   Be sure that any piece of paper or product the customer takes from your table has your contact information on it.   If you are waiting for a business card order, but your show occurs before your cards come in, go to your computer and print up some basic business cards that contain the information on the business opportunity along with your contact information.  Always be sure to have enough paperwork for people to pick up.  If anyone is interested in your business opportunity but they don’t want to get involved now, you want them to walk away with your contact information and that of the opportunity.  It would be ideal if you could also get from the potential customer their contact information so you can follow-up with them in the near future.

Next week we will continue the discussion of what should be included for an effective Business Opportunity booth at a show.



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