How to Present your Business Opportunity

20 12 2009

This week we are going to discuss another way to present your Business Opportunity to others.  We have talked at other occasions about how to advertise your businesses and how to let people you know that you are in business.  Today I would like to cover another way to advertise your business, by participating in a “Marketplace”, “Flea Market”, “Show” or small business showcase.  

This type of advertising requires you to be a vendor at usually an outside event that is either one or two days long.  It is like the small art shows you may see on any given Saturday or Sunday.  The difference is that instead of you displaying arts and crafts, you are presenting your particular small business opportunity.  What you should do before participating in the event is to talk with the promoter or organizer to determine who else will be in attendance.

Finding out who else will be there is critical in your ability to properly display your business opportunity.  You do not want to find out, after you have paid your booth fees and hauled all of your stuff to the event, that someone with an identical product is also displaying at the same show.  You also want to determine what other types of businesses will be there and if your product offerings will be complimentary to what other attendees are offering.  For instance, you would have an uphill battle being successful selling brownies at an event when the majority of other vendors are selling weight loss and nutritional products.  You can be successful in marketing your brownies, but if you know in advance who else will be there, you can adjust your booth and your reason for being there prior to the event.  You do not want to be surprised by the other product offerings.

Once you have confirmed what other types of businesses will be at the particular event, you can then plan your display appropriately.  We have gone to a motorcycle flea market (without doing our homework first), set up our booth and had nobody even stop by.  What happened (after asking some people why they didn’t want to come over) is that our display looked too upscale compared to the other products being offered.  People looked at our display, saw how classy it looked and automatically assumed that what we had to offer was too expensive for what they wanted.  The people didn’t come by because they figured we were way out of their league. 

That is why it is critical to check who else will be there, and what the other spaces will look like.  I am not implying that you need to trash your display, but you do need to be mindful of the others around you and present your opportunities accordingly.  You do not necessarily want to look so upscale that people are afraid to talk with you.  On the flip side, you do not want to present yourself as sloppy or “cheap” because people may also avoid you.  Essentially you need to prepare your booth for the customers you are marketing to at that particular event.

Next week we will go into more detail about the specific components of an effective display. 

If you would like more information on the business opportunities we have to offfer, please visist  You can also e-mail us with your specific questions at

Until next week…



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