Small Business Plan within Pre-Paid Legal

6 12 2009

First I would like to apologize for the week I missed in posting.  I was ill and had no energy in which to post a blog.  As it was, if I did manage to type anything, after review it was rambling and did not provide useful information.  I am now feeling more human, and will build my list of articles in advance, so if I do get sick again, there will be a log of articles scheduled for posting.

As promised two weeks ago, today we are going to briefly review the Small Business Plan within the Pre-Paid Legal Services Plan.  I had mentioned the benefits of Pre-Paid Legal – they have preventative legal services (consultation & advice, letters & phone calls, contract & document review and will preparation), Motor Vehicle Legal Services, Trail Defense Services and IRS Audit Legal Services.  How nice would it be if you could extend those legal services to your small business, or home based business?  That is what the Small Business Plan does for members.

There are three types of Small Business Plans available to members in most states (some states have restrictions, please contact me if you have specific questions).  There is the Business Plan which is for the for profit business that is not publicly traded and has less than 100 employees.  If you have 3 or fewer employees, there is a plan called the Home Based Business Rider, and there is also a plan for a business that has less than 9 employees (Legal Plan for Self Employed). 

Within all of these plans, you are able to have legal telephone consultation regarding your small business, you can have legal correspondence (depending on the plan you can have anywhere from 3-unlimited letters per month written on your behalf), you get a contract review for at least 3 contracts or documents per month, you get at least 3 debt collection letters written on your behalf a month, you also qualify for business Trial Defense, IRS Audit Protection on your business and for non-covered services, 25% discount for other services.

What I find extremely helpful with the Small Business plan is the ability to access a site called GoSmallBiz.  This is an awesome site that provides a ton of information for the Small Business Owner.   In this site you have access to information on how to start a business, a template to write a business plan, there is tax and accounting information available at the click of the mouse, and all kinds of legal, HR, and marketing information available.  If you can’t find the topic you have a question on, you can pose the question and expect a response within the next business day. 

This website is an absolute awesome resource for anyone in business, it is like having various specialty departments available to you without having to hire the experts.   It is great to have this kind of information available 24/7 so you may not lose as much sleep over an issue.  This site has saved my rear on several occasions, I found out what I should and should not do before stepping into the fray.  I have always considered this essentially “legal insurance”.  You carry medical insurance for the unfortunate events that may occur medically, why not carry “legal insurance” for events that will definitely occur legally. 

Once you start using this benefit, you will wonder how you ever managed your business without it.  If you would like more information on this and other Pre-Paid Legal Services, please go to  Otherwise, please feel free to contact me at

Until next week…



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