Pre-Paid Legal Services – Second Income

21 11 2009

As promised last week, this week we are going to briefly review the Second Income Opportunity (actually opportunities) offered by Pre-Paid Legal Services (PPL).  You may think it would be very difficult to offer Pre-Paid Legal Services to the people you know, but actually it is quite easy.

How many people have you talked to that has complained about being taken advantage of?  How many people may have agreed to some form of a contract, either written or verbal, only to find out they ended up on the short end of the stick?  Do you know anyone who does not have an up-to date will, or no will at all?  What about someone who has received a speeding ticket?  Or if their car is damaged by a hit-and-run driver?  These are the people who you can very easily discuss Pre-Paid Legal with.  There are several plans available in most states that would help people like I mentioned above. 

These plans are paid monthly, the people you talk to do not need to pay a year in advance, nor are they held to long contracts.  In several situations, once they sign up for a Pre-Paid Legal plan, they are immediately able to call for a phone consultation on an unlimited number of matters, and if necessary, the provider attorney can either write a letter or place a phone call on an unlimited number of personal issues.  How many of us would have loved the opportunity to call an attorney when you suspected something didn’t feel right, but didn’t have ready access to an attorney, and especially didn’t want to pay the hourly fees for a phone consultation?  I know this would have gotten my butt out of hot water many times if I had it years ago.

I could go on about the various items that are contained within the Pre-Paid Legal Plans, but will only cover the six areas that are covered under the Life Events Legal Plan:  Preventative Legal Services, Motor Vehicle Legal Services, Trial Defense Services, IRS Audit Legal Services, 25% Preferred Member Discount and Legal Shield.  If you want more information on any or all of these items, please feel free to contact me at   Pre-Paid Legal also has an awesome Identity Theft Shield that people should not go without, especially since it is only $9.95 per month extra.   I could go on about how great this is, but again, if you are curious, please contact me at the above e-mail address.

All right, now that we have determined it is pretty easy to present the Pre-Paid Legal income opportunity to someone, what is the incentive to you to present?  By signing up someone for the Family Plan and the Identity theft, you stand to earn almost $35.00 commissions.  That is neat because you don’t have to carry any inventory and you are providing services to people who will thank you for getting them involved.  What is even better is again, you don’t have to collect a year’s worth of membership, just collect the first month and the $10.00 one-time enrollment fee.   Most people should have no problem paying monthly for immediate legal protection.  You do need to let them know that PPL will not cover pre-existing legal conditions, and if they have a traffic issue related to alcohol or anything illegal, PPL will not represent that issue under the Motor Vehicle Legal Services section. 

As you can see, this is a very painless way to work on that second income you have always been looking for.  How many people do you know that could use legal representation?  Each of those people could mean extra money in your pocket.  If you can get some of those people involved in selling PPL also, then you are definitely on your way to creating personal wealth.  This program does not take a lot of money to get started, and it only takes a few hours each week to get off the ground. 

What I like best is that you get to help other people by providing a service that gives more value than the money they are using to purchase it.  It would be very rare that you would get someone complaining to you that the attorney helped them out of a sticky situation, and they were unhappy. 

This discussion could continue for a long time, there is a lot of information that I glossed over regarding the various PPL Plans.   If you want to see more, please go to  If you have specific questions, please e-mail me at

Next week I will review the Small Business Plan offered by PPL and how it can also continue to earn you a second income.



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