Second Income-Pre-Paid Legal Services

16 11 2009

Tonight we are going to briefly discuss another Second Income opportunity, Pre-Paid Legal Services.  This is an awesome program, it is essentially legal insurance (like you have medical insurance).  What is really great about Pre-Paid Legal is that all associates must utilize the Pre-Paid Legal services and if you want to sell other options, you have to take certification classes.

I like the concept of certification classes because Pre-Paid legal wants to verify that what you are offered is done correctly, without misleading statements or false promises.  Pre-Paid Legal (PPL) has been listed on the New York Stock Exchange for over 30 years now.  In a recent press release by “The Motley Fool” Analyst and Contributor Anand Chokkavelu, PPL was listed as one of 20 undervalued small cap company stocks.   On October 30th of this year, PPL was also named as the 4th highest rated stock in a recent ranking of the 3,500 largest US stocks by Joel Greenblatt, a leading investment strategist.  Obviously, this is a company that is going to continue to be around for the long haul.

PPL offers many different types of legal plans, ranging from plans for the individual, family, business (more on that next week), insurance and financial, and Commercial Drivers Legal Plans.    PPL also has a fantastic Identity Theft protection plan along with a Legal Forms iPlan.  You would be hard-pressed to not find a plan that would be a good fit for anyone. 

The nice thing about the PPL Family Plan is that you receive access to professional legal counsel for traditional legal issues, but also you receive access to legal review for contracts (if you want to lease a vehicle, they can review the lease before you sign on the dotted line) you can get your will created or updated annually.  Basically, this is a plan to allow you legal access to your most typical legal needs. 

The second income opportunity comes in with you sharing this plan with others.  There are many people out there who could easily use relatively easy access to a lawyer.  How many times have you had a question that you would have loved to ask a lawyer, but didn’t want to pay the minimum $200 / hr fee just to as a question?  That is really how easy it is to show somebody the Pre-Paid Legal individual plan.  The only catch to the plan is that you cannot get someone signed up for Pre-Paid Legal services and that PPL offer services on a pre-existing condition.  They will not retroactively take care of a problem.

The good news for someone offering PPL is that almost everyone has a horror story regarding a legal problem.  It is not hard to talk about legal problems, court issues, contract disputes.  The neat thing about being a PPL Associate, is that you can offer to the other person an opportunity to basically have legal assistance on-tap at all times.  It is better than medical insurance because you don’t have to pay to ask a legal question or have some documents (there are page quantity limitations) reviewed before you sign anything.  If you have to go to a doctor, you still have a co-pay to deal with.

We have had the opportunity to use Pre-Paid Legal on several occasions, and the peace of mind you have, knowing that you have legal representation at your back is awesome. 

Next week I will continue discussing the Pre-Paid Legal services Second income opportunity, going into a little more detail on how you can make money offering PPL plans to others and if time permits, I will discuss the Small Business Legal plan that is offered by PPL.

If you want to find out more before next week, please visit the website, or feel free to contact me at  Talk to you all next week.



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