Weight Loss Products offered by Hawgwash

25 10 2009

Last week we talked about the Waterless Technology products that Hawgwash, LLC has to offer.  This week we will discuss the weight loss / weight management products put out by Cal Nutrisciences (CNI).   CNI has developed a weight management plan that utilizes  four products that target the core area of your body and assists with weight loss.

They call this family of products Core4 – weight loss fusion.  Core4 is designed to tackle the core area of your body, which is where most of us put on the weight.  This system targets this area to stimulate weight loss, restore energy and promote optimal health. 

Like nuclear fusion occurs in the sun’s core, Core4 creates synergetic Nutrient Fusion within our bodies, helping us to lose weight and support a more healthy life.  This system combines products that reduce caloric absorption of food, increase metabolism without added caffeine, a detox product that does not require a special regimen and an amino acid and protein smoothie.

By taking all four of these products as directed, you can lose weight without any real changes to the way you eat.  There is no special diet you need to eat, there are no special meals that need to be purchased, and there is no specific regimen that you must follow.  I will cover the four products in a moment.  Basically you take one or two Accelerate in the morning (I recommend starting with one a day), use the Cheat whenever you eat, have one Lean smoothie a day and then take one or two Flush an hour before bedtime.  By following this, you should lose weight at a slow, but steady rate.  You will also find that you will lose inches even if the weight does not immediately come off. 

Accelerate is an herbal pill that stimulates the thermogenic fat burning and weight loss process.  It also tends to suppress your appetite and I have personally found that it promotes energy and stamina.  I found that I do not need to drink as much coffee in the morning any more to get my body moving.  I take one Accelerate a day (that is all I personally need) and I do not get as tired by the middle of the day. 

Cheat is a sprinkle on product that eliminates up to 25% of calories eaten, is clinically proven to reduce weight, is tasteless and is almost pure fiber.  The main ingredient of Cheat is Konnyako root.  This is a fiber that expands in your stomach, causing you to feel full faster and surrounds some of the food in your stomach, causing your body to not absorb those calories and pass the food on through.  You can use Cheat on almost anything you eat, just not on soup or watery foods.  I have personally used it on pie, ice cream and donuts.  The really cool thing I think about the Cheat is that my sweet cravings are seriously curbed.  Just by not craving the sweets as much has helped me lose weight.

The next product in the Core4 line is Lean.  This is a vanilla flavored smoothie that satisfies your appetite, also reduces food cravings, supports your fat metabolism, increases sustained energy and can be used as a meal replacement.  If I get tired of the vanilla flavor, I mix an ounce of juice with the Lean to produce other flavors.  I really enjoy the lean, especially if I don’t have time to sit down and eat a meal. 

The last produce in the Core4 line-up is Flush.  It is a gentle organic daily colon cleanse formula that will boost your fat burning abilities, support your weight loss, decrease bloating which creates a flatter stomach, improves digestion, removes pollutants and toxins your body has absorbed and helps to restore energy.  I found taking one Flush a night does exactly what it should and I really haven’t had an upset stomach since I started taking the Flush. 

As I stated, taking all four of these products will help you to lose weight without changing the way you eat.  You will find that you will naturally change some of your eating habits, just by not craving as much sweets, or wanting to munch between meals as often. 

If you want more information on the Core4 products put out by CNI, please go to www.weightrenegade.com.  If you want an easy place to locate the flyers on the individual products, go to http://www.hawgwash.net/CNICore4.htm.  You can always send an e-mail to shootershakes@aol.com if you want to ask me a specific question.

Look forward to chatting with you all next week.



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