Hawgwash and Waterless Technology

16 10 2009

Last week we discussed one of our business opportunities, Pre-Paid Legal.  We briefly reviewed what Pre-Paid Legal can offer to individuals, families and small businesses.  Today we are going to review another business opportunity offered by Hawgwash, LLC, Waterless Technology.

Our Waterless Technologyproducts are items that you can use to clean your car, boat, RV, motorcycle, airplane without using additional water.  With the products we offer, you spray the product onto your vehicle (and the dirt), work the product onto the vehicle, and then wipe it off.  This process, even though you may think it will just push the dirt around, actually cleans, seals and protects your vehicle’s finish without scratching. 

We carry waterless wash products from two different companies in order to provide our customers with choices, but only offer one of those companies, UltraLuster, as an income opportunity.  With UltraLuster, we highly recommend that you personally use all of the products they offer, otherwise, how can you effectively talk to perspective customers?  If you don’t have first-hand knowledge of what the products can and cannot do, you are not going to give your customer any confidence that the products truly do work. 

Along with knowing how to use the products, for these items in particular, we recommend that you keep some product on hand for people who want to have the item NOW, not tomorrow or next week.  Once they see you cleaning your vehicle with the UltraLuster products, those customers are going to get excited and want the products immediately.  If they have to wait a week, that enthusiasm you generated will most likely have worn off and they may not try the product that they purchased and question why they purchased the product.  We have become an immediate gratification society, if people can’t purchase what they want NOW, they probably won’t purchase it or they will go somewhere else to get it NOW. 

Going back to my “don’t sell them what they don’t want” stance, you don’t want them to make a purchase they won’t like, and you want them happy about their purchase.  If you can give the customer the product NOW, show them how to use it NOW, they can go home and do what they were shown, NOW.  If they wait a week or more, it is highly likely that they will have forgotten what was said, forgotten how to apply the product and become frustrated because the product isn’t working the way they thought they remembered. 

If you cannot purchase extra product now, another option is to sell sample sizes to customers in anticipation of their full-sized product delivery.  This way they can use the product now and then when the full-sized product arrives in the mail, the customers are excited again about receiving the refill for their sample bottle. 

What I just reviewed was our direct selling model for the Waterless Technology products.  There is also another way to earn money with UltraLuster, and that is by signing up other distributors who do what you are doing.  These other distributors can be people who live around you, or people who you know in another part of the country.  Once you get other distributors set up and selling UltraLuster, you earn a second income from the purchases of product through the company.  You do not take any money from the distributors you set up.  If they make a killing in direct sales, good for them, you do not get any additional commissions on their extra earnings.  You get commissioned on the waterless technology items they purchase directly from UltraLuster.  This is your passive income, you are not physically working, yet income is starting to roll in. 

If you are interested in finding out more on either our retail sales end of UltraLuster, or what the benefit of becoming a distributor of UltraLuster would be, please contact us a shootershakes@aol.com or check out our website at www.hawgwash.net.



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