And I Want a Second Income…Why?

31 08 2009

The nice thing about a second income is that you can start it as a hobby and then have the potential of turning it into much more.  When you first start, you do not want to quit your day (regular) job.  Just like anything important, profit does not necessarily follow immediately.  You need to build a good business foundation, a solid reputation, before big profits come your way. 

You will also need to anticipate that this new business will take a lot of work up front.  Don’t let it interfere with your regular job, but you will need to dedicate more than a few minutes a week to your new project.  Your current job wasn’t too easy the first time you started that, so don’t expect this second income opportunity will be any different. 

Realistically, if you spend about 4-5 hours a week in this new endeover, you will start reaping rewards fairly quickly.  To put 4-5 hours a week in perspective, watch perhaps one hour less of TV a night and dedicate that hour to your new business opportunity.  If you are part of a family, you might want to get the whole family involved in this new project, they may take your idea and really run with it.

The most important thing to think about once you get started is to stay focused.  You do not want to spend one week on one project, only to discard it for another project in the following week.  Stay focused on the project at hand.  If you do not see rapid results, that may not be bad.  Rapid results may not occur for several reasons, it may not be something you are doing wrong, it may not even be the wrong project.  Be patient before you think this particular opportunity is not going to work.  Be honest about hoo much time you put into the project before discarding it for something else.  Sometime projects need time to grow, like all living things.  There is an embryonic stage, a birthing stage, a youth stage, adulthood and then twilight stage. 

In the next posting, we will review the various stages of a new business opportunity.  If you would like to explore other income opportunities, please visit  If you have questions or comments, you are welcome to leave messages here or e-mail me directly at



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