I Found My Business Opportunity, Now What?

26 08 2009

Once you have found the business opportunity that you are interested in, you can then begin to build your customer base in that particular field.  If you have discovered the opportunity that you are personally passionate about, I believe the process of building your customer base becomes easier.

When you are passionate on a subject, you find that you are more willing to discuss it with others.  You don’t want to talk too much about your topic and behave like a used-car salesman.  You want to discuss your new-found income stream like you would discuss the last football game you saw, or a NASCAR race you saw.  You want to be interesting to people when you talk about your business opportunity, but you do not want to discuss it ad nausium.  You want to inspire interest and curioisity in your new business opportunity, not make people turn away. 

People are always interested in other ways of making money.  Money is a good motivator, but you need to be sure there is substance behind the income opportunity.  This is important because there will be times the money does not roll in as freely as you would like.  It is during those times that you truly begin building your business and discovering what you are really passionate about. 

The income opportunity should provide some type of service for your customers or fill a need.  You cannot sell them what they don’t want or need.  A really good salesperson can sell a person something they don’t need, but in the long run that customer will probably not come back to do any more business with you since they did not receive what they needed the first time.  This is the beginning of relationship building.

Relationship building is very important in building your business.  If you do not build a strong relationship with your customers, what will cause them to wish to come back with repeat business or to provide referrals for you?   It is very important to be sure you put your customer’s needs first, before your need to earn that additional income.  It is important that your customers trust you.  Once they learn that you will only provide them what they need or that you have anticipated what they need, you will find them more willing to come back to you for other items as time progresses. 

Happy customers will provide you with repeat business and are a wonderful source of referrals.  They will spread the word about your  business opportunity faster and more effectively than if you placed an and in the local newspaper.  You are now on your way towards financial freedom

If you have specific questions regarding this blog, please feel free to comment here or e-mail us a shootershakes@aol.com.  If you are interested in locating a business opportunity that may suit your needs, please see www.hawgwash.net



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