Why do YOU want financial freedom?

17 08 2009

A corporate CEO took a young executive from his company out to lunch one day.  This young executive was an up and coming star and the CEO wanted to spend some time with him.  They had a leisurely lunch and then took a drive out of town.

They stopped at a scenic lookout and got out of the car.  Both walked to the edge and the CEO began to talk.  “Young man, can you picture a huge mansion on the piece of land out there?”  “Yes, I can”, was the reply. 

“Can you picture a meadow with horses?” 

“Yes, I can see it”, was the reply. 

“Can you picture the four car garage with nice cars, a swimming pool, spa and tennis courts?”

“Yes, I can see that too”, was his reply.

“Son,” the CEO began, “keep working hard the way you are now and someday…all of that will be mine.”

We will spend a lifetime exchanging time for dollars to build someone else’s dream.  Why not begin to build your own dream?




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